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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Flat Romance: Humor for Single Women

From time to time, I get a little nostalgic. I have some lady friends who feel it sometimes too. 
I thought it might be time to revisit the ghost of romance past, just to freshen my memory. I also thought it would be a fun idea to do it loosely to the tune of, Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." <--link

 Sing-A-Long! :) (I'm just enjoying (haha!) the memories. For those who want reminded why we're single. Oh, and I can't sing.) Hit it!


Whoah, oh oh oh oh oooh ..... Oh oh oh oh.. oh oh ohhhh,

 Caught in a flat romance! (repeat)

He wants my house.
...would like my car keys.
He'll take anything, as long as it free. 
He just wants hugs. (what?)
O.k. and way too many drugs...(Uuugh)

I know that he likes golf......
and remote controls
strange magazines in the stall.
He wants more cash.....
Oh hell, now he's stole my stash!.

Needs understanding,
can't hit the pot when he pees...
He'd like some wings. (Yeah, yeah, yeah! Hot Wings!).

(Crank it up, and break into Dance!)
Insults my jeans, and he can't button his pants!
I don't need another flat romance! (Whoa oh oh oh oooh!)
Farts are the only time that I see him dance!
I don't need another Sap romance!
(Blah, duh, blah, duh, blah, duh.... Blah, duh, blah, duh, blah duh, blah).....
Lock the door now! (Blah, duh, blah, duh, blah...)
Lock the door now, (quieter) now, now, now.....

You're welcome! <3
tina jones ;)