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Monday, December 30, 2013

Sports vs. Soap Operas: Same Thing, Different Team

I'm not seeing a fundamental difference between men who watch sports and women who watch soap operas. I've done both, and I'm done with both. I did the soaps for a year or two early in life, but my reaction was to get so bored that it motivated me to shut the tv off, and put it in a closet. I've watched sports, because it was there (and I couldn't escape).

    Men get emo one way or the other regardless of the outcome of the game. It's tragic. Women do the same thing with Soap, "stories." If the "team" loses, the guy, (basically) cries (mopes). If the team wins, the man gets um..."amorous."

    In the Soap opera scenario, if the actress has to have her third ovary removed, the woman watching falls apart.  If the woman's "team" (the never ending gag, I mean "luv," until they die multiple times, and you suffer indigestion) wins, she gets affectionate. 

   I just don't see the difference. ....
   Point? Next time your guy is suffering a, "Spell," because his Soap opera star got his second case of amnesia this week....I mean *his "team" didn't win, maybe it will make more sense. 

That is all, and you're welcome. Grins!

tina jones

Monday, December 23, 2013

Blog Recommendation on How to Love an Introvert

I just came across a blog called, "Wealthy and Loved" that beautifully written. I'd like to direct you to a specific post called, "10 Ways to Love an Introvert"

   I'd add to number 5 that it's our responsibility as introverts to ask for what we want and need, as difficult as the practice may be, it's well worth the effort. Sometimes those needs and desires do get heard and met.

    When we do ask, we've thought about it thoroughly, and it's meaningful. Well meaning extroverts may respond too quickly, and (seemingly) flippantly dismiss requests without realizing we've just bared our souls. They're not being cruel. They are used to dealing with other extroverts, and you're new to them. Their mode of communication gives a lot of information to be sifted for priorities. To extroverts, talking (including networking) may be for pleasure, and they may ask ten things only hoping for one which may or may not be essential.
  The introvert's requests may be only essentials.This calls for courage in vulnerability (and it takes more strength than many currently have. It's worth building through practice!). I rarely request, because most of the time, it is less stressful to me to handle things alone. It's not, however that another couldn't do the job just as well, if not better, and I have no fear of rejection. (If rejected, it simply means I get to do it on my own without the hassle.) Only when I'm against a wall, I ask three times to give them time to realize a thing is very important to me. Those who can understand and care will hear. If not, then yes, I simply walk away in peace wishing them well.

  There are many beautiful points in this blog, and for those who love an introvert, they'll be invaluable.

Best wishes,
tina jones.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Home Made Body Wash Hand Soap (Go Check Her Blog!)

Super Frugal and Wicked Fun! :)

  I found a blog with the most fun DIY tips. One of these was making homemade body wash or hand soap. 

   The author, used Ivory soap, but my skin doesn't like Ivory (It burns/dries too much). I'd bought a $1 bar of Tone at a Dollar Tree months ago, and decided the play time alone was worth giving it a go. My recipe turned out differently from the original, in that I only used 1 bar of soap and 6 cups of water. She used three bars of soap to 6 cups of water. Mine came out thick and creamy though. It may be because I used a different soap.

See the original, posted by HelperJen at "Cuckoo for Coupon Deals."

 Want to follow me along? 

First I puffed up my soap. As in HelperJen's instructions, I cut my bar of soap into chunks on a plate, and microwaved on High for about 80 seconds. This is what it looked like coming out of the microwave.

The puffed pieces were very soft while warm and I tried cutting them,

but I found it was just as easy as pulling apart a biscuit with my hands. It even resembles a fluffy biscuit or bread roll.

Beginning with her original measurements, I only put 2 cups of water in with my soap pieces. I didn't grate mine as with the original recipe.

I brought this to a boil, and turned the heat down to simmer, stirring occasionally.

After about 30 minutes most of the pieces of soap were melted into the water. It was thin at this point.

To incorporate the rest of the pieces that weren't yet melted, I used a stick blender, and allowed the mix to cool.

It thickened up so much that I began adding more water one cup at a time. Now, your soap may differ. (I'd add one cup at a time, let cool, and see how thick it gets) HelperJan used a total of 6 cups water to 3 bars of soap.

I ended up adding the same 6 cups of water, but to only my 1 bar of soap, just stirring it in the now slightly warm mixture. (I wish I'd have followed her direction for a 4 quart saucepan, as this filled my little 2 quart.

I gathered every saved  pump dispenser I had, and using a large funnel and a ladle began filling them. (I'm messy. Hush! ;) ) 

Again, this made a thick, creamy hand soap. This funnel has a larger opening, and I had to tap it a few times to get the soap to flow faster into the bottles.

At end, my $1 bar of soap netted me 5 bottles of hand or body soap!
Three of these bottles are 8oz, and two are 12oz. Had they all been 8oz, I'd have gotten six bottles!

I ended with about 1 tablespoon leftover and had a very, very decadent handwashing! :) (Wish I'd been closer to the shower at the time!)

Time taken: About 1 1/2hrs of Fun. :) 
Cost for each bottle: 20 cents!

tina jones

Friday, October 11, 2013

I Never Argue With Your Zodiac Sign: Humor

I'm a Leo, and as any Leo worth their Solar Flares and hairball problems, we know, we are often total screw ups. I know my shortcomings and strengths, and for that reason, I do not argue with any sign...EVER

Reasons I Never Argue with Your Sign:

Aries: It doesn't matter what the argument is about. You will win. The rest of us are simultaneously annoyed and comforted by that fact. Stop grinning!

Taurus: It doesn't matter if you're right or some other way of being right. You keep being Venus incarnate, and we'll keep agreeing with you.

Gemini: You'll prove it's this way, while being emphatically convinced it's another. You do not need my participation. You're simply more fun to watch, and so are you. :)

Cancer: You'll cry, and for God's sake, never make a Cancer cry! That's just mean. You bastards!

Leo: Please, We all know you're at center stage, and as freaked out by that fact as I am. Go talk to Cancer. They'll hold you.

Virgo: You're too damned beautiful. There, I said it. It doesn't matter if you're male or female. We know  you're worried, have a lot on your mind, and we should really listen to what you say, because you're smart, but we love gazing at you so much that we insist you win every argument. That way, we can keep looking at you.

Libra: What are you, like Leo-light? You're exactly like Leos (Love your hair!), but you're nicer about it, unless you're going for bloodshed. No one needs that. Nice sofa cushions, by the way. Need a hug? I have cash. Seriously, don't hurt me. :)

Scorpio: You have too much dirt on the rest of us. No way are we going to even try it! (Passing Scorpio some cupcakes to keep quiet.)

Sagittarius: Two words, "Dance Off!" You will win. There is no point in wondering, no point in competing. Besides, they are too fun and entertaining for Leos to miss....especially from behind.

Capricorn: You know what we all did last summer and every fiscal year since your birth. Plus they're patient enough to become an IRS agent, a Dominatrix and a Jenga master! Don't mess with these people!

Aquarius: When you look at the world, you see a bunch of goofball Leos, and I'm sorry, because you're right. You have ideas and solutions the rest of us need. Arguing would be a waste of my time and humanity's time, and Leos could get splashed. That would be all kinds of wrong.

Pisces: I'm not sure you can even hear me from your depth and heights. You can't argue with a fantasy or a mirage. You are the most illusive, slippery little fishies in the Zodiac. Great fun for Leos to play with, but one tail smack from you, and we're so confused, we lose, but do it again anyway. :)

tina jones

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Wasn't Always Braless Trailer Trash...Really

   I'm one of , "Those" neighbors. You know one that sleeps when she needs to, and often does her shopping in odd hours for the convenience of less traffic and a more peaceful grocery experience. Frankly, I'm nothing but trouble. ;) I do things like use headphones for music that I like to sometimes play particularly loudly, because I don't want to disturb my neighbors with hearing, "The Electric Slide" at 3AM. It just seems considerate, but I may be mistaken.

  Apparently, I am loved. No, I mean really loved by one of my neighbors. (Ugh) I've neglected to talk to her much, because she shares a lot. (Gossips) You know, because she, "Cares." I don't gossip, and don't listen to it, and it's caused her a terrible amount of worry along with not being able to witness me coming and going as I've neglected to do so when she has a clear, daylight view. I'm terrible, really. I'm not paying proper attention. I should be thinking of her, but I'm selfish like that. (?)

10/05/2013 Yesterday afternoon:
   Welp....There's my socializing for a while. I just introduced myself to a cop by saying, "I'm braless and half naked. Hi. My name is Tina Jones!" :D (That's me trying to be a social butterfly. I'm not sure how well I did.) I was in my night shirt, sweats and socks. Having just gotten out of the shower, when I heard loud banging on my door. I said, "Just a minute!" Ran to cover myself with something, and went back to the door.

   It was my neighbor again, "Whimsical," energetic creature, obedient husband in tow, with her usual, "We thought you were dead!" routine. I'm not sure how she hits the vocal notes she does. Charming sort, if a bit excitable, she said she even called the police.  <3  (Because she was worried about me ;) ) She informed me he was checking around the back of my house. I told her I'd take care of it, and she scampered away (Not giggling "out loud") like a little girl who just stole a cookie. Adorable in a way. She taps into that part of me that wants to hand a kid soda pop and candy money, that or phone her mother and have her grounded, but she's in her sixties, so it's tricky. Bless her heart? (I'm still not going swimming with her as she requested, nor am I going to her house to sit and talk as invited. Thanks, but, nah. It's just not my thing. I do "usually" keep my clothes on in public.)

  Touching delicately as possible on my braless situation, I'm pulling 34G's here. I, "Make a statement," whether I want to or not and whether the "girls" are properly tethered or not, but I had bigger things to take care of than my lack of mammary composure...a'swinging I went. :D Understand that I'm not one to "share" a lot with the locals, much less with threats of, "Indecent Exposure" looming unspoken over public activities. I do have some decorum, but life calls.

   I dutifully marched toward my side yard where I met the nice officer, shook his hand, and introduced myself, explaining that I'd just gotten out of the shower, I've not been out much as I've not been sleeping well at night, I was fine, the extra mail in my box was because despite filling out forms at the post office that two residents that were here before me no longer live here, I still receive extra store fliers for them.

   The most beautiful, "Aha...." crept over his face as he absorbed the crazy of the situation. I thanked him for checking on me, and he wished me a pleasant day. (I didn't mention to him that I was particularly impressed with the display of  professionalism in his ability to maintain eye contact. It seemed considerate not to do so. Excellent work there, though. He's my superhero now.) I've seen our local police force taking breaks at a nearby burger place, and as we've inadvertently bonded, I may begin to start showing up, saying, "Hi, how are the kids?" and whatnot. I'm not good at chit-chat, but I'm willing. Maybe we can send one another Christmas cards, and stuff like that.

     I love socializing! Not much, but in a pinch, I can do it. I called the sheriff's office myself after calming down from my surprise visit to come up with some solution, and told the lady on the phone the situation with my, "friendly social neighbor," and she laughed saying she had one like that too. She told me my neighbor said I had a lot of mail in my mailbox, and I answered, "I don't know how she knew that."(Knowing it's not legal to get in someone else's mailbox) I asked if I might leave my phone number with them as a contact should she panic again, and they kept it for me. She understood that I couldn't give my number to my neighbor lady as she'd be calling allllll of the time. I told the lady I may put an, "I'm not dead" sign on my door, and she said, "You may have to eventually." (She laughed) I also offered that I may put a, "Day Sleeper" sign up, so my neighbor wont have a spell if I don't answer my door. After consideration, I'm thinking of installing one of my easels on my porch and alternating signs. 1. I'm not dead, 2. I'm still not dead, and so forth. Alternatively, I may sit on my front porch and watch her back a few times a week. You know, "Because I'm worried." ;) It seems considerate.

  Later, I wrote our kind gents in beige (Right sharp looking, and frankly, I prefer it to blue.) on Facebook to introduce myself, make sure they too had my phone number, and let them know that I'm on Facebook chatting with friends and family most days. That way, they can see I'm not dead online as well. I hope they got a good laugh, as I did...eventually.

    Our story closes with me making friends with our local police force, and still  holding my ground at not socializing with the neighbor lady...even if she thinks I'm dead.  :)

tina jones

Friday, October 4, 2013

Two Paintings

My Two Newest Works:

The first Oil on Canvas 11x14", and is titled "Skating the Edge" After a Novel in progress
by David C. Woods.

The second is Oil on Canvas 16x20", "Coffee Peaks"


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Relationships: For Entertainment Purposes Only! (Humor)

Yeah...I know the right things to say. Yuk!

  •   I'm ok, and I'll be o.k. even if I don't always feel it.
  •   It's o.k. to cry. It's o.k. to be happy.
  •   I need to build my self esteem back up, before even thinking of trying to date again.
  •   I probably should commit to another year of celibacy to further search my soul and grow. How many of those years have I done in this adulthood? No, no. No sense counting. It's just depressing.
  •   Focus on the positive: Bacon and chocolate are nice. (Tapping my fingers on my desk)
  •   You'd think one year would have gotten me quite "grown" enough, but I guess not.
  •    Still, It's probably a good idea, or maybe nine months. I'm not going to live forever after all. A weekend?
  •    If you wait for yourself to be perfect, well, nothing is ever going to happen.
  •    Surely, my person picker must be broken permanently. Obviously, nothing in the way of relationships I've ever chosen has lasted.
  •    I am and can be happy on my own. 
  •    I'm strong even though I don't remember ever feeling that way.
  •    It is perfectly fine to live outside of a relationship, and it can be a life choice.
  •    I'd be o.k. to grow old and eventually die happy all by myself, until death do I part. :)
  •    Being alone does not mean being lonely, in fact I've been lonelier in relationships than I've been out of them.
  •    I'm not good at relationships. Darned if I can figure why, but a quick glance at my life is the proof of it.
  •    I may choose poorly, and I may be a poor choice. Why put anyone through what I'd need to grow through to be ready anyway? I've not met a person I'd feel deserved that kind of torture.
  •    I could certainly have more to offer. Maybe I should do more paintings first, lose a few pounds or do I need to gain?...I'd better weigh and see.
  •    Maybe I should get my hair trimmed first. No man deserves to have to put up with uneven hair ends, right?
  •    I should probably get more books and read them too, so I can be more interesting. (Banging my forehead on the keyboard)

   I probably wont be getting anything filed, waxed, botoxed or stapled into place though. It's a big day if I shave my legs. 
  Well!!! There you have it! I'm off the hook! :) I'm meant to stay single! I'm just too difficult! :) That is surely too much for anyone to have to tolerate. Yeah, that's probably not going to stand long as a wall, is it? sighs.
   O.k. so what's next?

  •    I really dislike the entire process. Forget it, give up (I did that years ago), then something  happens when you're not  looking, right? (a restraining order usually takes care of those chance happenings.).
  •    I guess I could actively look for someone. "It always happens when you're not looking:" By that logic, that would mean I'd be guaranteed not  to find anyone, and (praying) not be found by anyone either. Oh this is gold....I simply must write this down! (I am typing.)
  •   I did it, the thing. I got taller, got married, had children, got divorced three times, got middle aged, got tired.
  •   Aren't I done?
  •   What more point is there to this? Love? Hahahaha!
  •    Can't  I love my children and friends? A puppy! I can love puppies! (They leave surprises in the floor.)
  •   Sex? Uhuh. Please...That doesn't require relationships, and if we don't know that by now, we probably aren't old enough to be reading this blog. Besides there's a lot to be said for, "Self care." (ugh...I wont say it though. Maybe next time..o.k. probably.)
  •   Someone to keep you warm at night? I'm menopausal. I can heat up a radius of two city blocks by myself. Thank you.
  •    Someone to take care of? That's why I have paintbrushes, besides I do good to take care of myself.
  •    Why the draw? The biological time clock ran out. I'm a grandmother. It's over. I'm doing ok on my own, (Whistling in the dark) and I've driven that point into the ground off and on since I was 27. I've nothing left to prove.
  •    In all of my relationships, I was for the largest period of time alone. This isn't new, so what's the attraction? Solitude is a beautiful thing!
  •    It's not biological, physical, or emotional. Unless I've gone, "mental" I don't think that is going to apply either.
  •    What in the name of All That Is could be the point of this nagging pull? (It's not like the continuation of the species is going to depend on some grandmother getting her groove on with some gramps.)

    Annoying as hell, it is!

  •   "Don't analyze it." I'm told, then "Make a list of what you'd like in a relationship." I wish they'd make up their minds. (I'm pretty sure they're screwing with me.)
  •   I made my list and it had things like, "Someone who doesn't bug me." I crossed out the entire list, and decided that must be God I was describing, but I can't say He (She, It, They, Whatever!) doesn't get on my nerves now and then either.
  •   "Maybe you need to lower your standards," they say. (Do I have to post one of many photos of single men's homes with Christmas wrapping paper over their windows or insert a "scratch and sniff" patch of rancid cologne here?)
  •  "Well,, Maybe you should raise your standards!" Let's take a look at the historic checklist again: Doctor, Judge, Indian Chief, Meditation Wizard......ok, so it went something like that. No, unless I go for Disney Characters (Don't think I haven't checked out Darth Vader.) I'm out of options/patience/headache medicine.
  •  "Do you think you're too good for...?" Well, not generally, but if they keep the bodies in the freezer, yes. Yes, I'm "too good" for that.
  •  "What you need is....." There is nothing that follows that subject that I haven't had. (Don't go there!) No sense in redundancies.
  • "Maybe if you had dated more" I did all I could, it makes me tired. I just never got into it. It's nerve wrecking, and causes indigestion.
  •   What am I supposed to do with a man? (Watch it!) Seriously, you feed them, entertain them, wonder why they are still here, then what?
  •  "If you'd just put some makeup on..." Really, I do know enough to know that men are not particularly moved by bronzers.
  •  You wouldn't get trolls if you'd just stop: Wearing parkas and turtle necks! It's the glasses! You're too smart! Learn more! It's the legs, so cover them up. Those damned jeans are turning them on! It's your body, you smile too much, you never smile, stop looking at them, you've got to make more eye contact! .. (0____0)

tina jones
(Hope you got a giggle! ;)
"Rock and Roll, Color Wars, I can't take it anymore!" Billy Joel

Sunday, September 22, 2013

(Messing with the Masters: Einstein (My Theory of Everything)

What is up with geniuses and their hair?
That question, I may never be able to answer, but the Theory of Everything has not proven to be a big problem. Albert had his relativity. Others have pondered their Everythings, and if you listen long enough, most people have a Relative with a Theory. Ahem.

E = mc2      

    Isn't that nice? There it is, all succinct and pretty. Albert Einstein just used a few symbols, right? How very tidy, this Theory of Relativity. It almost makes me want to break every piece of chalk and toss them over my shoulder, but not quite.
   The boy was stuffy! There, I said it. 

The equation means: 

Energy= Mass x the speed of light squared

     You'll be dealing with some fairly large sums in that last number alone, then multiply it by the Mass of whatever, and that will equal the amount of energy in the object. 
So you want to know how much Energy is in your golf ball? The mass of a golf ball = the weight of a golf ball. Mass=Weight (As long as you're on Earth, so that the gravity remains the same, but that's not important at the moment. I mean, where are you in particular planning to play golf? Neptune? No.)
To simplify, the Mass/weight of a golf ball is roughly 45.9 grams, so

E=45.9 x C2....
     Pretty easy so far! Now, what is "C?" C is a symbol for the Speed of Light, and the Speed of Light is a simple number of meters per second, and light trucks along at 299,792,458 meters per second (m/s). That number is squared, which means it is multiplied by itself. 299,792, 458 x 299,792, 458= 8.993547636528176 and 16 more digits until it's resolved. Let's simplify that to 8.99, because frankly, I 'm tired. Now let's plug that in to our damned equation.

E=45.9 x  8.99 
     Nice! All we have to do is multiply those last two numbers to figure out approximately how much energy is in a golf ball, because we freaking NEED to know that! Ready?

E= 412.641 (roughly)
      Yay! Einstein! There's still the hair problem, but can't you just feel the improvement in your life surging through your veins?

Me neither.
   I love Albert, O.k. mostly for his hair, but really I love him. I just think he needed to calm down. He was so earthy. I mean he made this equation using not only Earth's gravity, but Earth's scientific language of numbers, and outside of the world is that going apply in the Pleiades?  
   Small minded, I'd say. I'm not sure what Relativity has to do with Everything, or if it should be included as a step along the way, but I find it lacking in awe-flavor as it stands alone. There comes a time, as much as I adore numbers, that they fall short of explaining to my sense of wonder.

   I made an attempt to form a "Theory of Everything" myself a number of years ago, and I encourage you to form and reform your own theories as well. After all neither I nor Albert, nor anyone else with a hair problem can see through your eyes. Here's my go at it.

"Everything is as it is, unless it's not."

   I liked it. It seemed to cover Everything, but upon close inspection, I find it longer than Einstein's theory. Couple that with the fact that I also have more obtuse hair, and I felt the need to be more concise. Attempting to remain as scientific as I care to, I seek to improve upon any assumption I might have about any thing. I'm in a state of learning, after all. I figured it would be safe enough to take the, "Unless it's Not" off the end, and that left me with a more elegant, 

"Everything is as it is."

    Nice but Albert's is still shorter! There is also the danger of it being categorized with the whiny, defeatist, "It is what it is" drone. I can't have that, so I took it a step further.

"Everything Is" 

    That's going to produce any number of statements like, "Unicorns do NOT exist." If you or anyone or anything thought it, it exists in the form of thought. If it's not been thought yet, the seed of thought now exists, because I just wrote it. I think it possible that Everything is currently existing in the form of thought, but that is for another discussion. Research, "Holographic Universe" if you must, or if it's to your liking, consult Ed. 

"Reality  is built out of thought, and our every thought begins to create reality." Edgar Cayce.

 Back to the equation at hand. It's still not as pretty as Albert's equation, so I decided to drop one word.


     I had it! By golly there it is, my Theory of Everything. Once I realized it was a redundancy of the word, "Everything" my heart sank. "My heart?" hmmm. I decided to try dropping the other word.


  The word means, "To Be," and vestiges of Shakespear's question crept in on me! Maybe the question all along wasn't what Everything was but what action does it take? It exists, "To Be" went through my mind again in various forms: It "Is," Those "Are," and I was reminded of a biblical, "I Am." Everything was in the act of Being, and it seemed to say, "Be." With that I had my Theory of Everything even shorter than Albert's. 


   Maybe the numbers are good and right, and maybe the poets were. Then again maybe there is poetry in numbers, and it's all the same thing anyway. Everything wasn't an object outside of me to be named or calculated. It was Everything including me. In oneness, we Are. I Am...Simply Be.
   With that the numbers and words faded into nothing but existence, being-ness, and how amazing that is, to simply...



(Are my numbers wrong? Probably. Will it cease to Be? Nope. As simple as that, there was my, "Theory of Everything."...and there are those who insist I think too much. smiles.)

tina jones

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dream: A Memory of a People

   I entered the pristine hall of education where stood an angled to the waist display of glass. Under the glass was an array of bits of flattened, physical material with what appeared to be inscriptions of a sort. Gloved in the common electrically charged white silk, I could move the bits through the glass. An electronic instruction at the top of the glass encouraged visitors to attempt to reassemble the puzzle if they like, it having stumped scientists. I moved a few bits through the glass that transferred my finger movements to the material as any oils from the hands would have destroyed it, and any pressure would have crumbled it.

    To the left approached a museum keeper. He was very docile and lizard-like. He nodded my presence and tasted the air around my face politely. Next to him a concierge offered the usual refreshment of a liquid pack applied to the skin in a special metallic pouch that enabled osmosis while avoiding oral contamination. I was fine, so I declined, turning my head to the left, lowering my chin and temporarily closing my eyes in respect as did they, before they walked along.

  I returned to my curious puzzle and wondered what the material was. I moved a few more bits that might sit against each other well. A scrolling black screen on the right said that this belonged to an ancient civilization where the inhabitants believed themselves to be gods. It had been peaceable at times, but they were a driven people of great pride. They'd been great conquerors, and traveled to new lands on fantastic ships, even to new worlds.

    They had educational systems, and there was a photo of a red, near round talisman. It seemed to have been some sort of idol, perhaps for a god of education as it set importantly on a large desk with the word, "Teacher" under it. "Teacher?" I'd have to research the word, but that would wait. Further reading revealed the idol was actually eaten with the mouth. I shuddered in fascination at the barbarism. I looked again and wondered if it was done for hallucinogenic properties or if it enhanced learning abilities. Nonetheless, it was treated as deserving of a prominent spot.

  Scrolling and pausing to move a piece now and then, I read that this civilization had become greedy, and they had conquered those who were once allies. Horrifically, once there was nothing left to conquer, it turned in on itself. 

    Wars within wars, not just a civil war. There were no boundary lines and hundreds of sides. Belief systems, educational systems, all left, and greed turned to hunger as fear grew. No enemies and no allies....Even those that had enough didn't believe they had enough, and the justification of any act to gain and maintain control was rampant. Chemicals were widely dispersed often causing more rage and fear than they were supposed to treat, People resorted to trying any chemical natural or otherwise in order not to feel. Financial systems and government seats fell under rubble when those they'd conquered saw their weakness, and the backlashes began, as they took back what had been rightfully theirs.

   There was mention of relation to a place called, "Rome" and some stones were said to have, "Greek" origin. There was a copper goddess, at least that's what the few pieces they could locate seemed to be. Archaeological excavations had found this substance with the inscriptions, and they'd hoped there might be some answer to who these people were to be so focused on themselves and not the whole, and how so great a people were gone. A few more pieces came together, and I could make out three words...

"We, The People"

"We," I wondered. They must have forgotten.

tina jones

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Planning According to the Zodiac Humor...or else! ;)

"I love it when a plan comes together!"
Hannibal "The A Team"

For the purpose of this blog, I'm renaming our confused assembly,

                     "The Astrology Team" 
                                                          Ready? Here's the Plan! :)

Aries: "Follow me! I have a plan! O.K, so I'll come up with one along the way, but it'll be fun!"

Taurus: "Go ahead! Screw up, I'm not doing a thing, until after lunch, and it'll be the RIGHT way!"

Gemini: "As long as we do it together, it'll be fine. What are you going to do?"

Cancer: "I don't mind. Do it however you think is best, and if it's not my way, I'll get you for it.....eventually"

Leo: "I'll do it myself, after I do my hair, and take a nap. Who wants a balloon?!"

Virgo: "I have a plan, but I'm worried. What do you think? Don't you tell ME what to do!"

Libra : "I've decided to throw caution to the wind and weigh out my options!"

Scorpio: "I've devised a secret plan, and I'm writing a sonnet about it."

Sagittarius: "The goal is right there! Let's get this party started!"

Capricorn: "With careful attention to deductions, and proper documentation, my plan will come together."

Aquarius: "I need something different! Something to revolutionize world planning!"

Pisces: "The plan will come to me in a dream. I might tell you if I feel like it. Ooo..shiny!"

Oh, snap out of it. ;)  We each have facets of every sign in our charts and in ourselves, so if you laughed at one, assume, "The shoe fits," and wear that puppy proudly! ;)

tina jones ..........I have no idea what I'm doing :0)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Good Night of Surrender (Haiku)

Long day, Sleep it comes.
'Night All, 'til rise morning sweat
woke thoughtless daylight.

Slumber resists, insists
'gainst humid protest this hour
Pillow's comfort soft calls.

Work! Night cool edits
Weak eyes long comfort; Stealth's deep.
Dream breezes leaves through.

Tress bids, lay me down.
Task's abyss calls much to do.
Rain hears Thought's bare wish.

Time, More this one night?
Completion denied me sweet.
Slumber's rejection.

Slipping surrender be,
I take my leave, dust of moon
Content to let go.

tina jones
P.S. If only video editing were as simple as Haiku! Kick, stomp...yawn...zzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fish Gummies and Hair Chewing: Ongoing Understanding of Neurotypicals

I'd like to thank the little girl with the face for making my shopping easier. It always goes well, until I have to stand in line....with...the people. Her mother had gotten everything. No, you didn't hear me. "EVERYTHING." She was about 3, I think. I never know, and she had obviously learned that smiling at people makes them smile back. She did it, and I looked away, because I just learned this last week, and I didn't want to practice. She wouldn't stop it, so finally, I caved and showed her my canines as politely as possible. Her eyes glittered. Wicked, how they do that, and at that moment, I smiled genuinely.

    I  learned peek-a-boo from my own daughter decades ago. Knowing that game pretty well, I gave it a shot, and she mimicked me, kicked her feet in the grocery seat where she was secured not too well and giggled. I asked if she was helping her mother, and she nodded, turned and got a can to assist her Mom in putting the groceries on the belt. She dropped it in the floor, so I retrieved it and handed it to her. She smiled more.

    She pushed her hair back, so I asked if hers often got in her face. She nodded, and I said, "Mine bugs me too sometimes." I smacked my hair back with both hands, and we spent several second smacking our hair. She stroked one side, and I told her I could make two tails, held my hair with both hands to demonstrate. I think she was impressed, but she insisted only one was the way to go, so I complied and did just the one side, not all of the hair, as she demonstrated, just part of it. She seemed to know what she was doing.

    She was barefoot, but I hadn't noticed when her mom asked where her shoes were, and went about emptying her cart anyway, little toes going everywhere, weaving happily in and out of the cart bars. I'm bendy, so it wasn't a concern, and I was surprised when another lady decided to alarm the child by telling her that her foot was stuck, and Mom might break it off when she tried to lift her from the cart, further, she should tell her mother, she was stuck.

     Of course she wasn't. The smile was gone, her lower lip began to swell, and her head turned down. I'd spotted some fish oil gummies (chewable candy supplements), and thought to hand them to the cranky lady, but I resisted. The little girl slid her foot out, easy as could be to comply, joy gone.
    The lady went on, having taken a dull adult position, to tell the child that she had children in college, as if that was going to have any meaning for the girl, and the little girl nodded solemnly, trying to interact as best she could to the stern voice. I told the lady, she was contemplating her words, at which point the lady (finally) laughed.

     The little girl smiled again, and we went back to demonstrating hair styling tips (which I followed as best I could), and how to properly entangle the toes in cart bars. I had to part her company when another aisle came open, though I was as always cut off by someone more adult that I am. <cough> and I didn't see her for a minute.

      Her mom paid and pushed the cart forward, and she peek-a-boo'd at me, while chewing her hair, so I chewed mine too, then she looked sad, and lifted her foot to show me her shoe was on, and she tried, but couldn't put her shoe'd foot through the small bars that had fit so well without them. I felt sad too.

      I hope the rest of your day didn't have to have shoes, little girl, and thanks for showing me that only part of the hair makes a fine ponytail on one side, and that it's pretty tasty really, if not just a good thing to do while waiting in a grocery line. I hope you smile more today. People need it more than they may know.

    With love, another (sometimes) little girl who doesn't like shoes either. Thank you! (and Sweetheart, feed those cranky sorts Fish Oil Gummies. Winks!)

tina jones

Monday, July 15, 2013

Notes on One Year of Celibacy: No condolences needed ;)

 "Aww Hell, Ethel! That Girl is Gonna Talk About Sex Again!"
Quote from imaginary persons

If you probably shouldn't write about it.....
Now that's out of the way.
As of midnight the morning of July 15. I have been celibate for one year.
It was anti-climactic. (crickets chirping)
But seriously,
In no way am I suggesting this for anyone. This was only for me, and it took some serious strength that beat me to the floor more than a few times. I thought I'd write about the reason. I'm tired, seriously tired. I'm tired of my own choices. I'm 47 for several more days. I've not had more or less sex than the average person, but I've had too many bad relationships for me personally. One is too many. I'm tired.

     I'm tired of telling myself that things aren't that bad or that this or that is probably just me being picky, especially when this or that involves behaviors I know I can't live with. It doesn't matter if they wear weird colors or if they are felons. If you know you can't live with it, then don't. I'm tired of lying to myself. I'm tired of telling myself, "If I just love them enough." I thought I'd had enough of that years ago. I was wrong.
This year was all about me for the first time in my life. It could have been self care even if I was not celibate, but I know myself, and I know that no sooner is sex involved than I begin to make poor decisions. I get self sacrificing beyond what is healthy. Self doubt creeps in, and I try too hard. It wasn't that I had enough of other's problems. I had enough of mine, and very often the b.s. that I smell is my own. (Now try finding an s/o who knows the same about themselves. Good luck.)

 ( I'm in recovery for alcohol and drug addiction, and I've an anniversary coming up later this month, for now, it's just 15 years clean and sober. It was suggested early on, because I needed to face myself, and didn't really have anything to share with others except some very twisted thinking, that I give myself as a gift a year of celibacy. This was to learn to focus on self care.
     It sounded like torture to me at the time, and I don't like pain nearly as much as I used to.
  I did make an effort and made it six months. Another time it was nine months, and each time when I broke my own pact with myself, it was not thought out. It was a desperate need for mental comfort that I placated temporarily with sex precisely as I had used alcohol, and not too impressive sex at that. No, I'm not talking about the Other person here either. It's me, without a doubt. 
    Zero to passion in 15 seconds or less is fine as an occasion, but it's not much of a way to live. Neither is relying on sex to feel beautiful, wanted or anything else I was looking for. It's most definitely not all about what *I need, nor is it all about the Other.)

  What this year gave me was some peace with it. I don't have any idea what is best for others, and would never assume to. I just know that for me, I needed this time, and it was not easy.
  I had a few close calls when I had to work very hard to remind myself I wanted more from myself. Once, that it didn't happen, I can't even take credit for. I lost it, and apparently the Universe said, "Wait." I'm glad.
   So here I am. I did it; One year of celibacy. It's a solemn feeling, at times depressing, though I feel a sense of accomplishment and an odd amount of serenity. I know I'm charge of and responsible for my own decisions. It's not really that much of a feat considering how much of my life I was celibate in marriages, but not for this kind of stretch and this time it was my choice.

  Why the self-imposed endurance test? It was put to me that, how could I expect myself to be in a relationship or even marriage, if I didn't know how to handle my own body? Times come with all people, men in my case, when they might not be capable of participating. Illnesses, disagreements, physical problems, etc. Could I remain a true partner, if I didn't know how to live without sex? I know I can now, and I know I can have peace in it.
  I feel extremes for me are as unhealthy as rash decisions are. I'm not saying, "Never." I may well decide on going it another year, but I have no plans on attacking the first male that is willing to hold still either. (My brain still goes there.)

  I've learned sexual energy is the same as creative energy, and that these can be channeled into painting, singing, problem solving, writing and helping others. I've also learned there is a sickness in using any of these good things as avoidance mechanisms, and to hide from the humanness of sexuality is as detrimental as sleeping with anyone you can....for me. Balance is key in my thinking as well as my actions.
     Did my, "Kundalini" rise? Ermm..That's a bit personal, don't you think? Better put for me, "Did that creative, deliciously sexual energy get expressed at every level of my being?" Yes! From the passion that causes self preservation, to that which cares for worlds, to the speaker in me, to the thinker and to a feeling of connectedness with Spirit, yes. Can that happen during sex? Yes, and now I have both. I'm a greedy thing, and if it can get me to grow, I pretty much want it. ;) It's that simple. This wasn't about deprivation. It was about me wanting more out of me. It was my own growth, my own path, my own love as well as experience for the sake of experience. This was new territory, and that alone held excitement. I had no idea what would happen or what I'd feel. Feeling that coursing of sexual energy flow and blossom out into my life has energized me, quietened me and made me feel that I am someone I respect on another level, not a better one, just another one.
   I face me daily, and I've learned it's o.k. to lovingly tell my body, "Wait." I've done that with my diet in times when immediate indulgences would have meant having something that made me feel bad. Why not do the same with my sexuality or any action? I have no personal moralistic judgments on sex, no need to loathe, demean, hide, control or worship my own sexuality, and I feel my choice of celibacy was a way of life as respectable as anyone's choice of one or seven partners. It's not my business. I don't know what others need. This was only for me.

  I have to wonder if I missed some lesson along the way, or if maybe this, at times, shaky commitment kept me out of some trouble I'll never know about. At end, I'm not really sure. I feel more loving toward myself, at the same time, I've felt more loving toward myself in sexual relationships.

. The point is to love the self no matter where you are, and fulfillment doesn't come from the Other, but from the self. Maybe that's the lesson for me, to know this on a deeper level.
  It may be interesting to know, I haven't taken the whole thing too seriously. I have cursed, ranted, cried and laughed about the whole thing many times, more laughs than not.  It was just something I wanted to see if I was capable of. More, I wanted to see if I was capable of finding other ways of comfort, and I have. Turns out there is more to life than sex and romance, and there is more to it than white-knuckled celibacy. Can I carry this peace into relationships with others? I don't know, and I don't know that I'm willing to gamble it just yet. I kind of like where I am...oddly, and I'm certainly not ready to be a cat lady. I'm neither, "On the hunt," nor am I hiding. I'm at peace. That is damned cool. :)

  A few months ago, I began having conversations with males for the purpose of seeing if I could on a level that was possibly, curiously romantic, but no more. I can (I'm as surprised as anyone!), and fortunately those who aren't interested in intellectual or spiritual exchange fade away as quickly as I have before. This isn't a higher plane. It's just another one, an interesting realm and a way of relating to people that is less focused on my needs and more about deeper human connections. I'm learning more about myself and others, and it's even been fun. Again, those things can be achieved through sex, and who knows? Maybe I'll be better at getting there, because of this experience.
    I'm very aware of an exchange of spiritual energy even in the absence of sex, but I'm also more aware it is more thorough and stronger where sex is involved for me. I'm not sure I'm ready to share that with anyone, and I may never be. I may also choose to do so. I don't know. The path to connection is now broader, and need not stay within my previous conception of what that connection should do, be, feel like, look like, etc. I'm more open-minded to interactions on more levels, neither one level or another. There is more of a blend to my life now. (I just envisioned a many-path'd sexual octopus. See? I'm not dead. I'm just on hold. lol! I crack me up!)

  When I began writing this, the only positive I could think of was, "Well, it didn't kill me!" LOL! It's alright. It's seriously alright, and for now, it's better than alright.There is a beauty to it. It's subtle, and I'm stronger and a more well rounded person for it.
  So, how does a person "celebrate" a year of celibacy when sex isn't going to happen (my choice), I don't drink or drug, nor do I eat sugary foods? Maybe, just maybe it's o.k. to have an accomplishment without reward. Maybe only knowing I did it is enough. That must be true, because it brought on the most relaxed smile.
   I used to long for a friend, the task was to see if I could *be* one to myself and others on this plane.
smiles and nods. Yes.
   Be true to you in each moment whatever that means for you in those moments. Whatever the experience, don't miss it if it's true to you.
In stillness...with love,

tina jones

Monday, July 8, 2013

Key Chains: Ongoing Understanding of Neurotypicals ...with love, as always;)

I did it again... I know.
Don't hassle me! I went to Walmart.

  It was a cool 70F past midnight, and there were on my drive, maybe five other cars. Made to order, those kinds of drives are for me. Nothing like a midnight cruise  in summer.
 Of course, only the grocery entry of the Wal-Massive store is open at this hour, so I parked near, went in and did my usual search-find-buy-and-escape routine.
  No one bugged me, save for my  usual quick, "Go ahead." "No, You go." dance that I managed to do with a floor-waxer. Those machines are huge and loud, but I'd been reading a label, and didn't detect them, until I was three steps into the twirl. No harm done, I flashed the obligatory smile, "Excuse me," and, if not electric, slid around them to wider-aisled, tiled pasture.
  Mentally playing my brave, Tina doesn't want to be in public and let's get this done shopping theme  I took the floor up in clips to get to the register.

 Lovely, the quiet white of silver-haired beauty in a lady that was my cashier. She spoke not a word, and I thought to myself, "This isn't so difficult. There are indeed soul-mates out here, those who have no need for trifle-speak of chit-chat, neither dodge and dart of eye contact." No, I'd have a peaceable checkout after all, and I felt on some level we bonded. sighs..No.
   I do not read people, and so didn't realize the apparent discomfort my silence was causing, and I might ought go back and apologize for wreaking serenity, but I'm not sure how, other than I've learned many times one person's respect of silence is another's taboo.

   In desperation, the poor lady took it upon herself to critique my keys, for lack of weather conversation, I suppose. I looked down at the moderate, if mildly overdone set, and agreed I could probably do without a few things. I mean, the small geode is just a play-pretty that makes me feel good, though I've long since lost my crystal of quartz. I have to have my Koko (kokopelli) to keep any sense of humor. I had to concur it was impractical. Otherwise, my little tape measure (Oh, like you don't carry one?) could go. I'm an artist, and I can pretty much eye the size of anything by now. Then there are those plastic bits that are scanned for savings at three different stores. I could probably cut back on one or two of those, and I do have two house keys on there as well.
The Horror!

  She went on to describe how she'd had that sort of set up, and had to pay $$$ to replace her ignition (she seemed proud of it), followed by circuit work that left her radio not radio-ing!
   Ghastly problem, that. I felt for her, and wanted to console, but she kept pointing at my keys, that weren't suiting her in the least and insisting I should change them, almost sanctimoniously. If I didn't suspect better of people. I might think a competition was ensuing, as she pulled out her keys, tossed them on them on the conveyor belt, pointed at them and said, "See?! That's all I carry now!" I said, "Yes, I can see how that would be a good idea." and she responded, "Well! (harumpf!) If you don't want to pay to have your car fixed!" I nodded telling her I was very sorry that happened, yes, I should trim down my key chain and I bid her a good night. I'm afraid the competition was lost on me, as I didn't realize it was a competition until an hour later. I should apologize for that too, maybe, but she appeared to have, "Won." so maybe not. I didn't know keys could upset people so badly, and I'm sure I was wrong. :p

   Exiting the register at last,  I discovered that the usual exit way after the register was now blocked by orange plastic fencing, installed when I wasn't paying due attention by floor-waxer people. Quickly assessing the new maze with major-escape-theme internally playing , I had to re-enter the forbidden zone (the area behind the registers where one only goes to shop) to make my way around the entrapment to the exit, realizing I'd forgotten cheese, but I didn't consider it a loss.
   Past the usual oddly timed automatic doors and into the sweet night I walked, keys and all. I put them in my car and drove home accompanied by my silent five car companions. On arriving home, I got out, leaned against my car and looked at the stars.

tina jones

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Summer is upon us, and it's attendant invitations to heatwave activities.

   Among the festivities are fishing, biking, swimming, hiking and any number of things that will get you a sunburn medal. Folks wear them proudly in these parts with many sporting the untanned marks of up to five different types of shirt straps on their shoulders. I love Kentucky with a passion that only the mother of a spotted skunk with pink-eye could love her young, but some things escape my understanding.

 I have a serious question about motorcycles, specifically, what social purpose do they serve?

    I yarned on with a few friends, as I do yearly, about motorcycles, and I did go for humor, but I'm seriously scared of being on them. I'm scared of tangling my hair. I'm scared of my eyes being beaten with windburn, eating any number of insects, small birds and leaping amphibians. I'm scared of falling off, wrecking, scared of other drivers, losing a kneecap on a turn, for the love of god! I could break a fingernail! :)...Mostly, I'm scared of me turning into an instant and persistent, screaming bobcat and clawing on to an unsuspecting driver for dear life. You know..."romance." <cough>
   That much I understand, because it's about myself.

What I don't understand is, what possible reason could there be for a man to want to do that? (Seriously, other than masochism)

   I can understand the concept of him seeing the countryside, feeling of freedom, even playing. I can even stretch my mind enough to understand that some females like that. I know most people aren't like me. I'm good with that part.

      What I don't get is why would a man do that *with* a female even if she loved it?

   He can't see her, talk to her or touch her. Now, I could be wrong, but to my experience very often men seem to like doing those things. Maybe times have changed. Then there's the valor award. By the time it's over, no matter what I might have  looked like before I got on that's going to be rough afterward. Other women may get stunning on a bike. I do not, and I sweat like three men. (Note to self: Pick up keg of deodorant.) It's got to be at the very least anticlimactic for the man. To me, it sounds like a brave and self-sacrificing attempt to entertain on his part.

   J.Q. Citizen psyching himself up for a bike ride with me: "She's going to look scarier than Freddie Krueger, and smell like asphalt after this ride, but maybe one day, I'll get a steak and a cookie out of it, maybe a balloon. Take one for the team, and buck up man!"

    I came up with one possible benefit for him.

   Road spooning! That must be the attraction to having a female on the back of a motorcycle! Maybe it's just they want to be held? Those cuddle bunnies! <3 (Sure, they're being held by a crazed Medusa, but a snuggle is a snuggle.....maybe.) If I'm right, then why not just ask? Why not try to sit on my lap on a sofa? Yes, that's kind of extreme (Don't think it hasn't been done!), but why does it have to be spooning at 55mph?
   Otherwise, seriously, what is the man getting out of this?

   No, I say they are attempting a favor. Perhaps it's instinct or some kind of chivalry. The horses are in shining chrome, and our brave knights are in do-rags and leather, but nothing much has changed...
   I guess I should stock up on balloons.

tina jones

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Low Carb Parmesan Bacon Dippers with Chili Mayo Sauce

A dear friend of mine and really fantastic artist, Jeff Watts of No Goat Hill Studios who likes to tease me about my love of bacon posted a pic of his lunch on Facebook. He'd gotten "Bacon Chips" from a place in Healdsburg, Ca. called, "Healdsburg Bar and Grill." Give them a visit, if you're near, and check out Jeff's link above. 
Back to the Bacon chips: I drooled, but it appeared to be coated, he said, with Panko Bread Crumbs. A few too many carbs for me. :( Not to be deterred, I thought I could probably come up with a  Low Carb Substitute. Victory in the name of, "Bacon" is mine! Bwahahaha!
Here's my:
Low Carb Parmesan Bacon Dippers with Chili Mayo Sauce

1/2 C ea.  parmesan (2.03Carbs)
and finely crushed pork rinds:

Beat: two eggs in separate bowl

Cut: 7 strips thick cut bacon in 2 in. strips, and fry until almost crisp/slighty bendable.

Press:still warm (not hot) fried strips between paper towels and press to further flatten.
Let cool completely.

Reheat: bacon fat in skillet to med/high heat (watch for smoking or use another oil with a higher smoke temp.)

Dredge: cooked, cooled strips into egg then Parmesan/Pork Rind crumb mix

Fry: 3-5 pieces at a time about one minute, or until (peek underneath) that side is golden brown.
   Flip and fry for several seconds as this side cooks faster.

Move: to paper towel to drain.

Dipping Sauce:
2T Mayonnaise
Optional: 1T Prepared Horseradish/Mayonnaise sauce (3 Carbs )
1/4 tsp chili powder 0.25 Carbs
1/2tsp paprika         0.5 Carbs
Mix and serve with bacon chips.
(If Horseradish Sauce is NOT used, add a dash of salt and extra chili powder to taste)

Total Carbs: 5.78
        (Without Horseradish Sauce: 2.78 Carbs)
Servings? That is up to you. I ate it all, and it was very, very (Did I say, "Very?") Filling!
With a salad, this would serve 2
As an appetizer, this would serve 4

tina jones

Friday, May 31, 2013

Multi-Dimensional Autistic

This is going to be one of those weird, "Talk about myself" blogs, so pardon my awkwardness. I'm not my favorite subject, though time was I couldn't get enough of, "Me, me, me!" It's a rather dull way to live, and I can't recommend it. You're far more interesting to me,  but for the purpose of showing expansion.....(Deep Breath)
   My being is made of various interests, and I'm different things to different people. At work, I'm a moderator for an art forum, I'm an oil portrait artist, I'm a long-practiced and ever-learning spiritualist who meditates daily for over 24 years now. I'm a blogger on various subjects, I can be right or correct, and let it go without having to prove a thing. I can be misunderstood, and be o.k. with it. I can be wrong, and I can be unsure. I'm teachable even when I'm sure of something, as I'd consider myself a fool to assume I know the final answer on anything. 
   In my family, I'm Mom and a grandmother, a daughter, an aunt and a sister.  I'm someone who's lost over 100 lbs and comes up with ideas and recipes to encourage others. I'm a woman, a Leo who's interested in Astrology, I'm a videographer with a youtube page, I'm a recovering drug addict and alcoholic of over 15 1/2 years clean and sober. I'm straight. I guess I was born that way. I have a sense of humor. I've studied as many belief systems as I've  found, and found a bit of beauty in each of them. Autism is pervasive through all of these things, but so is being a Mom or an Artist or a Leo. For that reason and others I think it odd that people would want to friend me outside of  any of the private groups I belong to. At the very least, I attempt to let others know they will find much more than what I share in any particular private group.
   For instance, I'm on a Low Carb forum, and wouldn't it be a hoot if one of them friended me thinking my entire Facebook existence was going to be about how to cook? Won't they be surprised when I talk about using coconut oil as a hair treatment, proper lighting for videos, what it's like to have Saturn in my 7th House (It rocks by the way.), how to achieve believable perspective in art, or being Autistic? I'm a very well rounded person. My primary "Special Interest" is Painting, but there is so very much to me that I can't possibly touch on here. Being Autistic is how I perceive (very thoroughly). It's who I am, but not the total of who I am. (Attempt to "cure" any of these things, and I'd be annoyed, by the way.) If you don't want to bore a person, get interested in who they are, rather than trying to change them, and that applies to everyone.

    Being Autistic is who I am. I cannot be separated from being Autistic, nor could I be separated from being an Artist or a woman. These things simply are. At the very level of my beingness I am a woman. It's not about activity, nor is being an Artist. It's how I think, perceive and am. So is being Autistic. Take any of these things away, and I would not be me.
     I'm also a blonde with spectacular "Dumb  Blonde" moments (You could dye my hair, and that will not change who I am.), and a Savant who loves chocolate and can't stand sweet potatoes. I could try to stop memorizing things that I see or hear (That doesn't work.), and practice harder at my slower processing side, but I will still be Savant. Being an Artist gets me attributed certain traits (Flake) as does being Autistic (Intelligent and detached), as does being Blonde (Dumb), a Leo (Sensual) or a Mom (Loving/practical). None of these alone total who I am, and many are subject to accuracy checks. Perhaps surprising or not, I'm not a, "Gamer Girl." (Common thought of Autistic females) I'm 47, and those things weren't invented when I was little. I'm also a cancer survivor, and with that comes certain traits that are not common to Autism, but common to cancer survivors. (I'm perhaps more health-conscious and aware of the precious minutes of life to be had/grateful) My Rahu (South Node of the Moon that amplifies whatever it comes in contact with) conjuncts my Moon is in Gemini for, "Heaven's" sake!(Boom-chicka-wah-wah! x10)

    One would be hard-pressed to pick a single trait of mine and attribute it to any particular facet of my personality to the exclusion of all others. I like rubber bands (Autistic texture fixation), but they are infinitely useful in closing things like chip bags (Mom), They can be put on a block randomly for making ink prints (Artist), I can twist one into a mobius while meditating on the Eternity Symbol (Spiritualist), and I just may sling one at you for a laugh (Playful Leo). Follow?
   All of these things get touched on in my life, my blogs, my videos and my page. Without each, I would not be who I am. Some are roles, some are inborn, and all are deeply ingrained and freely expressed. I've had friends from various private groups come to my page and nearly dominate it with (for instance) alcohol recovery. Truthfully there are similarities between carbohydrate addiction and that. There are also similarities between say, being for instance a keep to oneself Scorpio or a pragmatic Virgo and being Autistic, but they attempt to peg me, and quickly I slip through their fingers. It's not intentional. I'm just not two dimensional, and that can make people uncomfortable, not excluding ourselves.  We are going to judged by any number of our traits. All the more reason not to judge or peg ourselves. Explore, explore, explore.Who are you?

  I write this more for those new to diagnosis of Autism more than anyone. Though Autism may explain much of our characteristics, no role or  label in life can define a person totally. It can afford camaraderie and the sharing of likenesses with others, and that is an invaluable experience for so many who've felt totally alone, but for myself, this is a stepping stone to self discovery and world discovery. For myself it is part of the journey of life rather than the final answer. It's lead to more questions, more discovery and even more fun. 
  Ever more to learn, 
tina jones

Monday, May 20, 2013

Low Carb: Bacon Maple Monkey Bread

Low Carb Bacon Maple Monkey Bread

Yes, I know...
*THAT..... is some sexy!*

First:  Nods to "Cleochatra/ Jamie Van Eaton. Her Blog with great recipes including her Oopsie Roll Revolution Roll recipe:

Recipe: Preheat oven to 350 F
            Cook Bacon, Crumble and set aside.
             Use 1 tsp bacon fat (or butter) to grease a small Casserole dish or a Bread Pan.
            Line one or two large cookie sheets with Parchment Paper
 Separate 6 large eggs
Add 1/2 tsp Cream of tartar to Whites and beat to stiff peaks.

Beat yellows to with a fork and add:
    2 tsp Cinnamon
    12 tsp Nutmeg
     7-8 drops Stevia
     1 pkt sweetener of your choice.

Fold yellow mix into Beaten Whites 1/3 at a time, folding gently to incorporate. Place in mounds roughly 3-4" diameter on Parchment Paper.
    Bake 30 minutes at 300F.
    When done, cut into 1" Cubes

In a large Mixing Bowl,
        Put remaining 3 Whole Eggs in a bowl.
        Add and Mix in:
           2 tsp Cinnamon
          1/2 tsp Nutmeg
           7-8 Drops Stevia
           1 pkt of sweetener of your choice

Toss Cubed Rolls and 1/2 of Crumbled Bacon to coat in the wet egg mix. Press into greased casserole dish. Top with remaining Bacon. Bake at 300F for 45 minutes.
      Top with Sugar Free Maple syrup and Butter.
  Serves 4 at 4.1 Carbs per serving.

  Carbohydrate Breakdown for Total ingredients in recipe as follows:

9  Large eggs divided                     5.4
1/4th teaspoon Cream of Tartar-    0
4 teaspoon Cinnamon divided-       4
1teaspoon Nutmeg divided-           1
6 strips Thick Cut Bacon -             0
2 pks sweetener divided-               2
Stevia 14-16 drops divided            0
Sugar Free Maple Syrup-               0
Butter-                                           0
total-                                              12.4
Serves 4 at-                                    4.1 Carbs each

      *This recipe is only moderately sweet, before adding Sugar Free Maple Syrup at the end. I tried it with double the sweetener, and it was too sweet for my taste, but may be better to others. It may be good with varying amounts as per your taste.
     *Other options like using more sweetener packets or topping with cream cheese will add carbs, so use as per your needs.
    *This makes 4 very hearty servings, and could easily be split into 8 servings for a light breakfast.
     *Can be microwaved four up to 30 seconds, for a single of the 4 serving size.

Watch my instructional video here below or Larger Here!!!
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Did I tell you you're beautiful when you're eating bacon today? ;)