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Monday, December 23, 2013

Blog Recommendation on How to Love an Introvert

I just came across a blog called, "Wealthy and Loved" that beautifully written. I'd like to direct you to a specific post called, "10 Ways to Love an Introvert"

   I'd add to number 5 that it's our responsibility as introverts to ask for what we want and need, as difficult as the practice may be, it's well worth the effort. Sometimes those needs and desires do get heard and met.

    When we do ask, we've thought about it thoroughly, and it's meaningful. Well meaning extroverts may respond too quickly, and (seemingly) flippantly dismiss requests without realizing we've just bared our souls. They're not being cruel. They are used to dealing with other extroverts, and you're new to them. Their mode of communication gives a lot of information to be sifted for priorities. To extroverts, talking (including networking) may be for pleasure, and they may ask ten things only hoping for one which may or may not be essential.
  The introvert's requests may be only essentials.This calls for courage in vulnerability (and it takes more strength than many currently have. It's worth building through practice!). I rarely request, because most of the time, it is less stressful to me to handle things alone. It's not, however that another couldn't do the job just as well, if not better, and I have no fear of rejection. (If rejected, it simply means I get to do it on my own without the hassle.) Only when I'm against a wall, I ask three times to give them time to realize a thing is very important to me. Those who can understand and care will hear. If not, then yes, I simply walk away in peace wishing them well.

  There are many beautiful points in this blog, and for those who love an introvert, they'll be invaluable.

Best wishes,
tina jones.

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