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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Stop Abuse at the Judge Rotenberg Center!

How much would it take to get the average person to torture another human being for one year? How does $200,00 sound? No? Multiply that by 200 kids. That would get you $40 million a year. Welcome to the United States. More accurately, the Judge Rotenberg Center. Short of someone discovering oil under this building, America is not stopping it. It is too profitable. The children's well being is sold for the local economy, and likely votes. The United states has been investigated for this, and found by the United Nations to be "torturing" children. We are not in good standing. This is many nations who know what we are doing to children. Those of us who have pleaded with American officials are tired. The children are in crisis, bound, electrically skin shocked, blistered, bleeding with voltage much higher than that of police tasers. Not occasionally, likely in this moment one of them or more is being hurt repeatedly and irreparably.  Why? oh for things like self  harm. Also it's done for things like rocking, hand flapping and blowing spit bubbles with the lips as well as daydreaming more than ten seconds on an academic test. Any kind of fidgeting gets them cripplingly shocked.
    How many times a day would you get it, if you were hooked up to this? Me? Probably a hundred. I rattle change at times too, sometimes I tap my pencil on a desk, at times I take a break and just stare at my work thinking what to do next.  To remind them how easily they are controlled, they are forced to carry back packs at all times with them that carry the needed electricity to jolt them, temporarily crippling them in agony by use of remote.. Handy, huh? Massachusetts can't seem to decide that this is insidiously wrong, and the National government hasn't stepped in since they were contacted by the United Nations two years ago on this matter. America the beautiful, this is how the world sees us in all our glory. Proud? Not me. At this point I don't care who saves these children. If we can't get it done someone needs to. America has gotten too self confident that we don't have to answer for our behaviors. How long do we really think that's going to last? This isn't a problem of 200 children, their parents or even Massachusettes. This is national. As long as this establishment is in business we are all in grave danger. So whether or not you know the children or anyone in Massachusettes or New York where a large portion of these kids come from, it's effecting you. The JRC has given more than ample ammunition to anyone who has ever ahd a problem with the United States. They represent you and me regardless of whether we protest. They have a lot more than merely 200 children to damage.

 Great news! Here is an International Petition to Stop The Abuse at the Judge Rotenberg Center. Anyone can sign! There may yet be hope! As of this moment there are 78,742 signatures. They need so much more.

my video on this matter, along with links to this petition, and many other informative links!


  1. Signed :)

  2. Thank you and honored to know you!

  3. Signed! I just can't believe it...

  4. signed it ... thats awful

  5. For any who are interested, following is a link to a video I made reading this blog. It has the above link to the petition as well as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture letter to the United State on this matter, and many other links. All are below the video.


    Check out the fab decor of this house of horrors...Ben, my "labelled" son, says it is similar to the "dichotomy of the Soviet Union, where you had the big, beautiful buildings, the grandious metro stations, and then off in the country, you had the gulags".

    It looks like a surreal Hollywood set for a modern day Clockwork Orange...It would make a great movie set for a hollywood expose of it after it is closed down. #BADACIDTRIP would be a good twitter hashtag.

  7. Very good you-tube video. May I put it on Daily Kos?

    1. I agree. This is a classic house of horrors.
      Absolutely! Pleas do share this video, the petition, anything to help the children! Thankyou.