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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wheat Allergy Rant and LInks

It's not a matter of whether or not I want to cheat on my low carb lifestyle. It's not a matter of occasional indulgences that might make me gain a pound. It's much more serious.
"They" say I'm supposed to be smart. I seriously doubt their ability to judge such things. I decided to eat wheat "bran" only. I didn't look it up, and thought surely it wouldn't contain gluten. Wrong. It was just an experiment, as I didn't know if it's gluten or wheat itself that's causing the problem. Dumb. My stomach is just fine, so I'd not think I was having a gluten allergy. (wrenching stuff that is), however my feet and ankles look like elephant's for three days now, I'm dizzy, and I spent the better part of two days treating hives on my arms with Aloe Vera. Ears are ringing at a pitch only I and a few canines can hear. Took otc antihistamine, but I'm avoiding benadryl (I used to eat boxes of that to get a buzz when I was drinking, so it is a "last resort" thing.). Now again, how is this smart? I made myself sick. I know I should have looked it up, and I know I should have been satisfied that if I eat any grain (not just wheat, any grain in any form, except for flax. I don't know why.) bad, bad stuff happens.
    It's as if I found out I was allergic to bee stings, so I decided to only get stung by wasps! Please!
   Mad at myself, and I have the urge to spit at the next food pyramid I see. "Healthy whole grains." (Unless they bring about anaphylactic shock) grrrrrrrrr!
     Anyway, from what I'm reading this isn't a gluten sensitivity (which is not considered an allergy. Sometimes I have that with the attendant bloat, cramping, gas..ick., so it appears I have both.). This is wheat allergy.
   Fortunately, I'm not allergic to tantrums, so I plan on having one as soon as I'm done won't be much unfortunately, because stomping my feet is the last thing I want to do right now. I think I'll make up curse words. Sometimes that helps.
    I've heard rice might, might be ok, but I'm not experimenting. I'm so mad I don't care if I ever see another grain in my life. I did look up starchy vegetables, and apparently they might be ok if they are not, not, not breaded, and most sauces contain grains, possible danger if they are pickled too. I can do this, it's just irks me to no end!
   Deep breath! Moving on from my self pity episode, I'd encourage people to do differently than I did, and read some information. If you are in doubt about a food, don't eat it. Never experiment on yourself. This is far more than some discomfort or feeling down (and embarassed) for a while. This allergy can lead to congestive heart failure, and you better believe I'll be downing a Benadryl before that happens. In the worst of cases, it can mean an Emergency Room visit and Epinephrine shots.
  Why risk it when I can eat vegetables and meats?.....because I'm not as "smart" as "they" think I am. grr.
  Ok  here are some links.
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   Please be smarter than I am.  If you have any concerns, call your doctor. They can do tests for these, but the tests don't always reveal problems. If you get sick when you eat anything, don't eat it. Trust your body's reaction to foods more than any diet, food pyramid, etc.
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  1. I am amazed at how often you will see "gluten-free" on packages these days. I tried casien/gluten free for my son 15 years ago. He has a slight wheat allergy, a 2 on a scale of 5. Also, the only way I can lose weight is to go on a low carb diet.

    So much for the bread of life...

  2. Yes, same here. Low fat just doesn't work for me. It made me shakey and lethargic, and the carbs required for low fat diets made me crave more carbs. I got heavier and worse. Low carb is the only success I've had, and I'm sure I'd not be here without it. I mess up sometimes, but I'm so glad to know what to do now. All the best to you and your son.