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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weight Loss Tips 2: Measuring Up and 2 lbs Gone!

Got a little off track, and I'm getting right back on. smiles. I've lost 2 lbs! Yeah! I have 17 to go and more tips along the way. I started at 253, what a wonderous journey it's been! I've often found that a week might go by, try as hard as I could, and the scales would not budge. It can be very dicouraging. Where can you see your efforts? In the measuring tape! Sometimes small, sometimes major changes can be occuring for the better without the scale showing it, and we can use all of the encouragment we can get. We're taking a big step forward in loving ourselves, and being there for loved ones, and every bit of encouragement is worth it. smiles. For that reason, I recommend measuring, not just just the bust, waist and hips usuals, but more. Click Link to see in Full Screen. 
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  My original !!! Goal !!! video: 

Weight Loss Tips 1: Weighing In: 

Easy Low Carb *Italian* Tostadas!: 

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 tina jones

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  1. For Anyone. Here's a link to the Atkin's Diet site. I am sure it saved my life.

  2. Warning I'm getting spam from "lakeviewfitness" and another user simply calling themselves, "weightloss" The second reposts from their sales site "My 10 tips...etc.)Both are simply attempts to get you to buy things, and have some pretty far out if not dangerous proposals. The photos on the first are likely paid athletes who needed to beef back up.
    I cannot allow third party advertising as per Google's demands, and all spam will be removed.
    Thank you.

  3. Warning: There have been some some really bad comments here, and some trying to get you to buy their pills or services. Some were simply mean.
    I apologize if you have to see the spam mails, and they are coming in droves. If you open or Google the links they suggest, viruses or health damage is entirely possible. Please be careful!
    I'm blocking and deleting them as I see them, but sometimes it takes me a while to get to them. Take care of you, no matter what anyone says.
    with love Tina

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