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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Turmeric for Face: Ultimate Face Mask!

The simplest face mask, and the one that tops all others I've tried in treating acne, age spots, liver spots, and hyper pigmentation!
  This is simply a few shakes of Turmeric and a few drops of milk!
   Referred to as an "Indian Bridal Mask," this mix usually contains Gram Flour, which is Chickpea flour. Since I don't keep Gram Flour around the house, I decided to try simply Turmeric and Milk. I am in love with this mask for the smoothness, silkiness and glow it gives, but the healing it provides is incredible!
  Come see my results!

Also, view my comparison of Tee Tree Oil, Neem and Turmeric for face! tina jones

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