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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Low Carb: I Want Doritos!!! Recipe

   I had a few high carb foods that I craved hard in the beginning, and Doritos Chips made of corn and all of those decadent spices were one of them! They tempted me, taunted and haunted me! The problem is, they range from 12 to 30 carbs per serving, and I never ate one serving of them in my life.

  Well, I found a fix for that craving!
   It is far lower in carbs, but my craving was about crunch and flavor! Not only do these satisfy my cravings for an old favorite, I think they taste even better than Doritos! I wasn't expecting that.
   Corn and wheat don't have a lot of flavor in themselves. My recipe is based on flavorful cheese, spices bring that longed for chili lime, and an incredible crunch makes me wish I'd had this recipe years ago!
  Play with this, and adjust your spices to your liking, even try different cheeses! You may come up with something even better than my version....Quick and easy, here goes!!!

2 slices American Cheese in plastic wrappers
  Remove from wrappers, and fold or cut in four squares. Lay squares checkerboard style back on the plastic wrapper.
   (Note: If using a cheese slice that does not have a wrapper, parchment paper works great too.)
To Taste: Chili Powder
               Onion Powder
                True Lime (This is a powder too, available in the baking section at most groceries in the Us.)
   I used all of the above totally less than 1/16th teaspoon, merely sprinkling my cheese squares with them.
Transfer to microwave, and microwave on High for 45 seconds to 1 minute and 15 seconds, depending on your microwave. Watch in the last ten seconds, as they can burn quickly! You'll want bubbly and lightly browned in spots. Cheese will be bendable when coming out of the microwave, but will crisp up in less than a minute!
Total carbs? 1.2, for a very filling, delicious snack!
  You're done! Enjoy the decadence!

Here's a video Showing how I do this! Please like and share this video, as I know a lot of people feel deprived when they begin diets, and there is every reason for treats like this in a low carb lifestyle.
Click Link to view full size, and do subscribe, I'll have lots more tips along the way.
                Happy Healthy Eating the Low Carb Way! (Psst! I'm down another pound! Yay!)
 Take care, With Love, tina jones
P.S. The video includes a very simple dip recipe I sometimes like with these!

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