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Monday, May 23, 2011

Perspective of Emotion: Seeing

If you want to know who I am, listen carefully to what I say about others. There will always be a bit of truth about me in what I say or think about you or others. Everything I perceive is seen through my own eyes and experiences. My beliefs about the world and myself are one and the same.
  No person who speaks of others is a mystery. I see what I am.
  Guard your thoughts and words. Be especially careful of any negative words. Instead of "stupid" or "idiot" try "struggling" or " still learning." In either case, you'll be announcing to the world who you are, not the other person. Seek to see beauty and find things to be grateful for. Talk about these things and often! You are becoming them. When invited to complain or gossip, give of love instead. See the beauty in those who might hide behind talk of others. They speak of their own fears. Love them away, and never condemn. To do so is to condemn yourself. To love them, to lift them, is to rise with them in dignity.
    You cannot improve yourself without improving the world. We are one. When you see fault in another apply love to correct it in yourself. Again, we see what we are. I am part of you, and you are part of me. To take care of me, to heal me,  love yourself. Likewise, when you see beauty in the world, guess who you're seeing? smiles. You.
   Bring smiles where you can, point out the perfection of dandelions, the dance of life, and see that all is well, and all answers are known. If I see anger, it is with my own angry eyes. If I see incompetence, it is with my own insecurity. Therefore, see the abundance of forgiveness and the wisdom of the simple. This is not to claim the nonexistence of pain, but to claim your place in Love.  The problem with what I see is never what I see, but a problem with my own eyes. I have to shift my focus and look in the direction of Love. Then I find the beauty I see reflected in me.
  It is in you too. I see it all of the time. smiles.
tina jones

(Self Portrait)
Acrylic on Canvas

Saturday, May 21, 2011

30 second Recap: The Bible

Best stuff ever written!
  You got your book of baby names upfront, extensive travels, diet recommendations, rampant sex, marriage advice including foot care,  sex with the wrong person, talking animals, poetry, solitary sex, wars, heroes, Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs, a "star is born,"  your basic be nice and share your cookies advice, recipes including wine making and how to "break" bread (we use knives mostly today), murderers, hygiene/hand washing coverage, and some dudes on some serious drugs at the end. I mean Stephen King should have been so creative.
  I read it extensively as a youth, and it gave me nightmares. Still, one can't help but love the poetry in the middle, and admittedly, I do go back sometimes and read the naughty bits.
  Enjoy the end of the world, or whatever you've got going on this evening.
tina jones

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mad Marker Sniffing: Study of Social Skills

You know the feeling. You think someone is watching, but that's just silly. They have better things to do. You pick up the non-toxic, washable children's markers, take three out, just to see if they respond, and wonder if they have a smell. Ofcourse, you don't sniff them lest you're labelled a "marker sniffer," then again it might get a reaction if indeed they are looking. Have a sniff you do, be it discreetly, and they instantly respond, "Do they have a smell?!" like excitable people do. "Nah," You might say, "Not much, but a slight one." They appear to return to their work, then you think of licking the marker just to see if they're still watching.....grins.
  Ofcourse, you don't do that. Everyone knows that is socially unacceptable, still...
tomorrow is another day.
  Yeah, I thought you'd understand.
tina jones