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Saturday, May 21, 2011

30 second Recap: The Bible

Best stuff ever written!
  You got your book of baby names upfront, extensive travels, diet recommendations, rampant sex, marriage advice including foot care,  sex with the wrong person, talking animals, poetry, solitary sex, wars, heroes, Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs, a "star is born,"  your basic be nice and share your cookies advice, recipes including wine making and how to "break" bread (we use knives mostly today), murderers, hygiene/hand washing coverage, and some dudes on some serious drugs at the end. I mean Stephen King should have been so creative.
  I read it extensively as a youth, and it gave me nightmares. Still, one can't help but love the poetry in the middle, and admittedly, I do go back sometimes and read the naughty bits.
  Enjoy the end of the world, or whatever you've got going on this evening.
tina jones

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