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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mad Marker Sniffing: Study of Social Skills

You know the feeling. You think someone is watching, but that's just silly. They have better things to do. You pick up the non-toxic, washable children's markers, take three out, just to see if they respond, and wonder if they have a smell. Ofcourse, you don't sniff them lest you're labelled a "marker sniffer," then again it might get a reaction if indeed they are looking. Have a sniff you do, be it discreetly, and they instantly respond, "Do they have a smell?!" like excitable people do. "Nah," You might say, "Not much, but a slight one." They appear to return to their work, then you think of licking the marker just to see if they're still watching.....grins.
  Ofcourse, you don't do that. Everyone knows that is socially unacceptable, still...
tomorrow is another day.
  Yeah, I thought you'd understand.
tina jones

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