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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Home Made Body Wash Hand Soap (Go Check Her Blog!)

Super Frugal and Wicked Fun! :)

  I found a blog with the most fun DIY tips. One of these was making homemade body wash or hand soap. 

   The author, used Ivory soap, but my skin doesn't like Ivory (It burns/dries too much). I'd bought a $1 bar of Tone at a Dollar Tree months ago, and decided the play time alone was worth giving it a go. My recipe turned out differently from the original, in that I only used 1 bar of soap and 6 cups of water. She used three bars of soap to 6 cups of water. Mine came out thick and creamy though. It may be because I used a different soap.

See the original, posted by HelperJen at "Cuckoo for Coupon Deals."

 Want to follow me along? 

First I puffed up my soap. As in HelperJen's instructions, I cut my bar of soap into chunks on a plate, and microwaved on High for about 80 seconds. This is what it looked like coming out of the microwave.

The puffed pieces were very soft while warm and I tried cutting them,

but I found it was just as easy as pulling apart a biscuit with my hands. It even resembles a fluffy biscuit or bread roll.

Beginning with her original measurements, I only put 2 cups of water in with my soap pieces. I didn't grate mine as with the original recipe.

I brought this to a boil, and turned the heat down to simmer, stirring occasionally.

After about 30 minutes most of the pieces of soap were melted into the water. It was thin at this point.

To incorporate the rest of the pieces that weren't yet melted, I used a stick blender, and allowed the mix to cool.

It thickened up so much that I began adding more water one cup at a time. Now, your soap may differ. (I'd add one cup at a time, let cool, and see how thick it gets) HelperJan used a total of 6 cups water to 3 bars of soap.

I ended up adding the same 6 cups of water, but to only my 1 bar of soap, just stirring it in the now slightly warm mixture. (I wish I'd have followed her direction for a 4 quart saucepan, as this filled my little 2 quart.

I gathered every saved  pump dispenser I had, and using a large funnel and a ladle began filling them. (I'm messy. Hush! ;) ) 

Again, this made a thick, creamy hand soap. This funnel has a larger opening, and I had to tap it a few times to get the soap to flow faster into the bottles.

At end, my $1 bar of soap netted me 5 bottles of hand or body soap!
Three of these bottles are 8oz, and two are 12oz. Had they all been 8oz, I'd have gotten six bottles!

I ended with about 1 tablespoon leftover and had a very, very decadent handwashing! :) (Wish I'd been closer to the shower at the time!)

Time taken: About 1 1/2hrs of Fun. :) 
Cost for each bottle: 20 cents!

tina jones

Friday, October 11, 2013

I Never Argue With Your Zodiac Sign: Humor

I'm a Leo, and as any Leo worth their Solar Flares and hairball problems, we know, we are often total screw ups. I know my shortcomings and strengths, and for that reason, I do not argue with any sign...EVER

Reasons I Never Argue with Your Sign:

Aries: It doesn't matter what the argument is about. You will win. The rest of us are simultaneously annoyed and comforted by that fact. Stop grinning!

Taurus: It doesn't matter if you're right or some other way of being right. You keep being Venus incarnate, and we'll keep agreeing with you.

Gemini: You'll prove it's this way, while being emphatically convinced it's another. You do not need my participation. You're simply more fun to watch, and so are you. :)

Cancer: You'll cry, and for God's sake, never make a Cancer cry! That's just mean. You bastards!

Leo: Please, We all know you're at center stage, and as freaked out by that fact as I am. Go talk to Cancer. They'll hold you.

Virgo: You're too damned beautiful. There, I said it. It doesn't matter if you're male or female. We know  you're worried, have a lot on your mind, and we should really listen to what you say, because you're smart, but we love gazing at you so much that we insist you win every argument. That way, we can keep looking at you.

Libra: What are you, like Leo-light? You're exactly like Leos (Love your hair!), but you're nicer about it, unless you're going for bloodshed. No one needs that. Nice sofa cushions, by the way. Need a hug? I have cash. Seriously, don't hurt me. :)

Scorpio: You have too much dirt on the rest of us. No way are we going to even try it! (Passing Scorpio some cupcakes to keep quiet.)

Sagittarius: Two words, "Dance Off!" You will win. There is no point in wondering, no point in competing. Besides, they are too fun and entertaining for Leos to miss....especially from behind.

Capricorn: You know what we all did last summer and every fiscal year since your birth. Plus they're patient enough to become an IRS agent, a Dominatrix and a Jenga master! Don't mess with these people!

Aquarius: When you look at the world, you see a bunch of goofball Leos, and I'm sorry, because you're right. You have ideas and solutions the rest of us need. Arguing would be a waste of my time and humanity's time, and Leos could get splashed. That would be all kinds of wrong.

Pisces: I'm not sure you can even hear me from your depth and heights. You can't argue with a fantasy or a mirage. You are the most illusive, slippery little fishies in the Zodiac. Great fun for Leos to play with, but one tail smack from you, and we're so confused, we lose, but do it again anyway. :)

tina jones

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Wasn't Always Braless Trailer Trash...Really

   I'm one of , "Those" neighbors. You know one that sleeps when she needs to, and often does her shopping in odd hours for the convenience of less traffic and a more peaceful grocery experience. Frankly, I'm nothing but trouble. ;) I do things like use headphones for music that I like to sometimes play particularly loudly, because I don't want to disturb my neighbors with hearing, "The Electric Slide" at 3AM. It just seems considerate, but I may be mistaken.

  Apparently, I am loved. No, I mean really loved by one of my neighbors. (Ugh) I've neglected to talk to her much, because she shares a lot. (Gossips) You know, because she, "Cares." I don't gossip, and don't listen to it, and it's caused her a terrible amount of worry along with not being able to witness me coming and going as I've neglected to do so when she has a clear, daylight view. I'm terrible, really. I'm not paying proper attention. I should be thinking of her, but I'm selfish like that. (?)

10/05/2013 Yesterday afternoon:
   Welp....There's my socializing for a while. I just introduced myself to a cop by saying, "I'm braless and half naked. Hi. My name is Tina Jones!" :D (That's me trying to be a social butterfly. I'm not sure how well I did.) I was in my night shirt, sweats and socks. Having just gotten out of the shower, when I heard loud banging on my door. I said, "Just a minute!" Ran to cover myself with something, and went back to the door.

   It was my neighbor again, "Whimsical," energetic creature, obedient husband in tow, with her usual, "We thought you were dead!" routine. I'm not sure how she hits the vocal notes she does. Charming sort, if a bit excitable, she said she even called the police.  <3  (Because she was worried about me ;) ) She informed me he was checking around the back of my house. I told her I'd take care of it, and she scampered away (Not giggling "out loud") like a little girl who just stole a cookie. Adorable in a way. She taps into that part of me that wants to hand a kid soda pop and candy money, that or phone her mother and have her grounded, but she's in her sixties, so it's tricky. Bless her heart? (I'm still not going swimming with her as she requested, nor am I going to her house to sit and talk as invited. Thanks, but, nah. It's just not my thing. I do "usually" keep my clothes on in public.)

  Touching delicately as possible on my braless situation, I'm pulling 34G's here. I, "Make a statement," whether I want to or not and whether the "girls" are properly tethered or not, but I had bigger things to take care of than my lack of mammary composure...a'swinging I went. :D Understand that I'm not one to "share" a lot with the locals, much less with threats of, "Indecent Exposure" looming unspoken over public activities. I do have some decorum, but life calls.

   I dutifully marched toward my side yard where I met the nice officer, shook his hand, and introduced myself, explaining that I'd just gotten out of the shower, I've not been out much as I've not been sleeping well at night, I was fine, the extra mail in my box was because despite filling out forms at the post office that two residents that were here before me no longer live here, I still receive extra store fliers for them.

   The most beautiful, "Aha...." crept over his face as he absorbed the crazy of the situation. I thanked him for checking on me, and he wished me a pleasant day. (I didn't mention to him that I was particularly impressed with the display of  professionalism in his ability to maintain eye contact. It seemed considerate not to do so. Excellent work there, though. He's my superhero now.) I've seen our local police force taking breaks at a nearby burger place, and as we've inadvertently bonded, I may begin to start showing up, saying, "Hi, how are the kids?" and whatnot. I'm not good at chit-chat, but I'm willing. Maybe we can send one another Christmas cards, and stuff like that.

     I love socializing! Not much, but in a pinch, I can do it. I called the sheriff's office myself after calming down from my surprise visit to come up with some solution, and told the lady on the phone the situation with my, "friendly social neighbor," and she laughed saying she had one like that too. She told me my neighbor said I had a lot of mail in my mailbox, and I answered, "I don't know how she knew that."(Knowing it's not legal to get in someone else's mailbox) I asked if I might leave my phone number with them as a contact should she panic again, and they kept it for me. She understood that I couldn't give my number to my neighbor lady as she'd be calling allllll of the time. I told the lady I may put an, "I'm not dead" sign on my door, and she said, "You may have to eventually." (She laughed) I also offered that I may put a, "Day Sleeper" sign up, so my neighbor wont have a spell if I don't answer my door. After consideration, I'm thinking of installing one of my easels on my porch and alternating signs. 1. I'm not dead, 2. I'm still not dead, and so forth. Alternatively, I may sit on my front porch and watch her back a few times a week. You know, "Because I'm worried." ;) It seems considerate.

  Later, I wrote our kind gents in beige (Right sharp looking, and frankly, I prefer it to blue.) on Facebook to introduce myself, make sure they too had my phone number, and let them know that I'm on Facebook chatting with friends and family most days. That way, they can see I'm not dead online as well. I hope they got a good laugh, as I did...eventually.

    Our story closes with me making friends with our local police force, and still  holding my ground at not socializing with the neighbor lady...even if she thinks I'm dead.  :)

tina jones

Friday, October 4, 2013

Two Paintings

My Two Newest Works:

The first Oil on Canvas 11x14", and is titled "Skating the Edge" After a Novel in progress
by David C. Woods.

The second is Oil on Canvas 16x20", "Coffee Peaks"


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Relationships: For Entertainment Purposes Only! (Humor)

Yeah...I know the right things to say. Yuk!

  •   I'm ok, and I'll be o.k. even if I don't always feel it.
  •   It's o.k. to cry. It's o.k. to be happy.
  •   I need to build my self esteem back up, before even thinking of trying to date again.
  •   I probably should commit to another year of celibacy to further search my soul and grow. How many of those years have I done in this adulthood? No, no. No sense counting. It's just depressing.
  •   Focus on the positive: Bacon and chocolate are nice. (Tapping my fingers on my desk)
  •   You'd think one year would have gotten me quite "grown" enough, but I guess not.
  •    Still, It's probably a good idea, or maybe nine months. I'm not going to live forever after all. A weekend?
  •    If you wait for yourself to be perfect, well, nothing is ever going to happen.
  •    Surely, my person picker must be broken permanently. Obviously, nothing in the way of relationships I've ever chosen has lasted.
  •    I am and can be happy on my own. 
  •    I'm strong even though I don't remember ever feeling that way.
  •    It is perfectly fine to live outside of a relationship, and it can be a life choice.
  •    I'd be o.k. to grow old and eventually die happy all by myself, until death do I part. :)
  •    Being alone does not mean being lonely, in fact I've been lonelier in relationships than I've been out of them.
  •    I'm not good at relationships. Darned if I can figure why, but a quick glance at my life is the proof of it.
  •    I may choose poorly, and I may be a poor choice. Why put anyone through what I'd need to grow through to be ready anyway? I've not met a person I'd feel deserved that kind of torture.
  •    I could certainly have more to offer. Maybe I should do more paintings first, lose a few pounds or do I need to gain?...I'd better weigh and see.
  •    Maybe I should get my hair trimmed first. No man deserves to have to put up with uneven hair ends, right?
  •    I should probably get more books and read them too, so I can be more interesting. (Banging my forehead on the keyboard)

   I probably wont be getting anything filed, waxed, botoxed or stapled into place though. It's a big day if I shave my legs. 
  Well!!! There you have it! I'm off the hook! :) I'm meant to stay single! I'm just too difficult! :) That is surely too much for anyone to have to tolerate. Yeah, that's probably not going to stand long as a wall, is it? sighs.
   O.k. so what's next?

  •    I really dislike the entire process. Forget it, give up (I did that years ago), then something  happens when you're not  looking, right? (a restraining order usually takes care of those chance happenings.).
  •    I guess I could actively look for someone. "It always happens when you're not looking:" By that logic, that would mean I'd be guaranteed not  to find anyone, and (praying) not be found by anyone either. Oh this is gold....I simply must write this down! (I am typing.)
  •   I did it, the thing. I got taller, got married, had children, got divorced three times, got middle aged, got tired.
  •   Aren't I done?
  •   What more point is there to this? Love? Hahahaha!
  •    Can't  I love my children and friends? A puppy! I can love puppies! (They leave surprises in the floor.)
  •   Sex? Uhuh. Please...That doesn't require relationships, and if we don't know that by now, we probably aren't old enough to be reading this blog. Besides there's a lot to be said for, "Self care." (ugh...I wont say it though. Maybe next time..o.k. probably.)
  •   Someone to keep you warm at night? I'm menopausal. I can heat up a radius of two city blocks by myself. Thank you.
  •    Someone to take care of? That's why I have paintbrushes, besides I do good to take care of myself.
  •    Why the draw? The biological time clock ran out. I'm a grandmother. It's over. I'm doing ok on my own, (Whistling in the dark) and I've driven that point into the ground off and on since I was 27. I've nothing left to prove.
  •    In all of my relationships, I was for the largest period of time alone. This isn't new, so what's the attraction? Solitude is a beautiful thing!
  •    It's not biological, physical, or emotional. Unless I've gone, "mental" I don't think that is going to apply either.
  •    What in the name of All That Is could be the point of this nagging pull? (It's not like the continuation of the species is going to depend on some grandmother getting her groove on with some gramps.)

    Annoying as hell, it is!

  •   "Don't analyze it." I'm told, then "Make a list of what you'd like in a relationship." I wish they'd make up their minds. (I'm pretty sure they're screwing with me.)
  •   I made my list and it had things like, "Someone who doesn't bug me." I crossed out the entire list, and decided that must be God I was describing, but I can't say He (She, It, They, Whatever!) doesn't get on my nerves now and then either.
  •   "Maybe you need to lower your standards," they say. (Do I have to post one of many photos of single men's homes with Christmas wrapping paper over their windows or insert a "scratch and sniff" patch of rancid cologne here?)
  •  "Well,, Maybe you should raise your standards!" Let's take a look at the historic checklist again: Doctor, Judge, Indian Chief, Meditation Wizard......ok, so it went something like that. No, unless I go for Disney Characters (Don't think I haven't checked out Darth Vader.) I'm out of options/patience/headache medicine.
  •  "Do you think you're too good for...?" Well, not generally, but if they keep the bodies in the freezer, yes. Yes, I'm "too good" for that.
  •  "What you need is....." There is nothing that follows that subject that I haven't had. (Don't go there!) No sense in redundancies.
  • "Maybe if you had dated more" I did all I could, it makes me tired. I just never got into it. It's nerve wrecking, and causes indigestion.
  •   What am I supposed to do with a man? (Watch it!) Seriously, you feed them, entertain them, wonder why they are still here, then what?
  •  "If you'd just put some makeup on..." Really, I do know enough to know that men are not particularly moved by bronzers.
  •  You wouldn't get trolls if you'd just stop: Wearing parkas and turtle necks! It's the glasses! You're too smart! Learn more! It's the legs, so cover them up. Those damned jeans are turning them on! It's your body, you smile too much, you never smile, stop looking at them, you've got to make more eye contact! .. (0____0)

tina jones
(Hope you got a giggle! ;)
"Rock and Roll, Color Wars, I can't take it anymore!" Billy Joel