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Friday, October 11, 2013

I Never Argue With Your Zodiac Sign: Humor

I'm a Leo, and as any Leo worth their Solar Flares and hairball problems, we know, we are often total screw ups. I know my shortcomings and strengths, and for that reason, I do not argue with any sign...EVER

Reasons I Never Argue with Your Sign:

Aries: It doesn't matter what the argument is about. You will win. The rest of us are simultaneously annoyed and comforted by that fact. Stop grinning!

Taurus: It doesn't matter if you're right or some other way of being right. You keep being Venus incarnate, and we'll keep agreeing with you.

Gemini: You'll prove it's this way, while being emphatically convinced it's another. You do not need my participation. You're simply more fun to watch, and so are you. :)

Cancer: You'll cry, and for God's sake, never make a Cancer cry! That's just mean. You bastards!

Leo: Please, We all know you're at center stage, and as freaked out by that fact as I am. Go talk to Cancer. They'll hold you.

Virgo: You're too damned beautiful. There, I said it. It doesn't matter if you're male or female. We know  you're worried, have a lot on your mind, and we should really listen to what you say, because you're smart, but we love gazing at you so much that we insist you win every argument. That way, we can keep looking at you.

Libra: What are you, like Leo-light? You're exactly like Leos (Love your hair!), but you're nicer about it, unless you're going for bloodshed. No one needs that. Nice sofa cushions, by the way. Need a hug? I have cash. Seriously, don't hurt me. :)

Scorpio: You have too much dirt on the rest of us. No way are we going to even try it! (Passing Scorpio some cupcakes to keep quiet.)

Sagittarius: Two words, "Dance Off!" You will win. There is no point in wondering, no point in competing. Besides, they are too fun and entertaining for Leos to miss....especially from behind.

Capricorn: You know what we all did last summer and every fiscal year since your birth. Plus they're patient enough to become an IRS agent, a Dominatrix and a Jenga master! Don't mess with these people!

Aquarius: When you look at the world, you see a bunch of goofball Leos, and I'm sorry, because you're right. You have ideas and solutions the rest of us need. Arguing would be a waste of my time and humanity's time, and Leos could get splashed. That would be all kinds of wrong.

Pisces: I'm not sure you can even hear me from your depth and heights. You can't argue with a fantasy or a mirage. You are the most illusive, slippery little fishies in the Zodiac. Great fun for Leos to play with, but one tail smack from you, and we're so confused, we lose, but do it again anyway. :)

tina jones

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  1. is there really ever any reason to argue? get it? -pisces," in the house"