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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Grace Unearned

Only those who, like me have stood in the enlightenment of their own inadequacies..
 Those who have earned every failure
  Those who, despite good intent
and those who have, like me, many times fallen to lesser motive
Those who have indulged vengeful thoughts
and in another turn done great deeds
and those who have seen themselves as a whole
often making mistakes and trying again
Those who still, inspite of all of this find themselves loved
Indescribably and beyond reason embraced,
Cherished! Even and because of our very humanness,
having utterly failed at earning even a kind word
Here we are loved.

  I have known no greater confusion than the extent and reach of love for even me.
and it is a cunning thing, this debt I owe.
No matter how I try to give it away, it comes back
the debt incurs and I am left with more debt of love.
So, should you, like me find yourself undeserving,
Do tolerate those of us to love anyway and because of your state
If I don't, I fear I may burst for too much love in me,
and in mercy, accept when we give,
because it may mean our own survival, and when
you find yourself in our place with this debt,

 I can tell you there is no freedom from it,
only momentary comforts when you may love another,
and it does not end, ever this Grace, your Grace,
and Thank you for this unearned Love you've given to me.
and Thank you, that you understand the sweet insanity of it,
That I need never make sense in Love,
and showing me it is the utmost of logic to let go
in not understanding what was too simple for me,
now become perfect sense,
wordless acts of Love best done
and Thank you for giving even one,
 like me the Grace
to give it away.

tina jones

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