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Monday, December 30, 2013

Sports vs. Soap Operas: Same Thing, Different Team

I'm not seeing a fundamental difference between men who watch sports and women who watch soap operas. I've done both, and I'm done with both. I did the soaps for a year or two early in life, but my reaction was to get so bored that it motivated me to shut the tv off, and put it in a closet. I've watched sports, because it was there (and I couldn't escape).

    Men get emo one way or the other regardless of the outcome of the game. It's tragic. Women do the same thing with Soap, "stories." If the "team" loses, the guy, (basically) cries (mopes). If the team wins, the man gets um..."amorous."

    In the Soap opera scenario, if the actress has to have her third ovary removed, the woman watching falls apart.  If the woman's "team" (the never ending gag, I mean "luv," until they die multiple times, and you suffer indigestion) wins, she gets affectionate. 

   I just don't see the difference. ....
   Point? Next time your guy is suffering a, "Spell," because his Soap opera star got his second case of amnesia this week....I mean *his "team" didn't win, maybe it will make more sense. 

That is all, and you're welcome. Grins!

tina jones

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