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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Planning According to the Zodiac Humor...or else! ;)

"I love it when a plan comes together!"
Hannibal "The A Team"

For the purpose of this blog, I'm renaming our confused assembly,

                     "The Astrology Team" 
                                                          Ready? Here's the Plan! :)

Aries: "Follow me! I have a plan! O.K, so I'll come up with one along the way, but it'll be fun!"

Taurus: "Go ahead! Screw up, I'm not doing a thing, until after lunch, and it'll be the RIGHT way!"

Gemini: "As long as we do it together, it'll be fine. What are you going to do?"

Cancer: "I don't mind. Do it however you think is best, and if it's not my way, I'll get you for it.....eventually"

Leo: "I'll do it myself, after I do my hair, and take a nap. Who wants a balloon?!"

Virgo: "I have a plan, but I'm worried. What do you think? Don't you tell ME what to do!"

Libra : "I've decided to throw caution to the wind and weigh out my options!"

Scorpio: "I've devised a secret plan, and I'm writing a sonnet about it."

Sagittarius: "The goal is right there! Let's get this party started!"

Capricorn: "With careful attention to deductions, and proper documentation, my plan will come together."

Aquarius: "I need something different! Something to revolutionize world planning!"

Pisces: "The plan will come to me in a dream. I might tell you if I feel like it. Ooo..shiny!"

Oh, snap out of it. ;)  We each have facets of every sign in our charts and in ourselves, so if you laughed at one, assume, "The shoe fits," and wear that puppy proudly! ;)

tina jones ..........I have no idea what I'm doing :0)

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