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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Good Night of Surrender (Haiku)

Long day, Sleep it comes.
'Night All, 'til rise morning sweat
woke thoughtless daylight.

Slumber resists, insists
'gainst humid protest this hour
Pillow's comfort soft calls.

Work! Night cool edits
Weak eyes long comfort; Stealth's deep.
Dream breezes leaves through.

Tress bids, lay me down.
Task's abyss calls much to do.
Rain hears Thought's bare wish.

Time, More this one night?
Completion denied me sweet.
Slumber's rejection.

Slipping surrender be,
I take my leave, dust of moon
Content to let go.

tina jones
P.S. If only video editing were as simple as Haiku! Kick, stomp...yawn...zzzzzzzzzzz

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