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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Low Carb Parmesan Bacon Dippers with Chili Mayo Sauce

A dear friend of mine and really fantastic artist, Jeff Watts of No Goat Hill Studios who likes to tease me about my love of bacon posted a pic of his lunch on Facebook. He'd gotten "Bacon Chips" from a place in Healdsburg, Ca. called, "Healdsburg Bar and Grill." Give them a visit, if you're near, and check out Jeff's link above. 
Back to the Bacon chips: I drooled, but it appeared to be coated, he said, with Panko Bread Crumbs. A few too many carbs for me. :( Not to be deterred, I thought I could probably come up with a  Low Carb Substitute. Victory in the name of, "Bacon" is mine! Bwahahaha!
Here's my:
Low Carb Parmesan Bacon Dippers with Chili Mayo Sauce

1/2 C ea.  parmesan (2.03Carbs)
and finely crushed pork rinds:

Beat: two eggs in separate bowl

Cut: 7 strips thick cut bacon in 2 in. strips, and fry until almost crisp/slighty bendable.

Press:still warm (not hot) fried strips between paper towels and press to further flatten.
Let cool completely.

Reheat: bacon fat in skillet to med/high heat (watch for smoking or use another oil with a higher smoke temp.)

Dredge: cooked, cooled strips into egg then Parmesan/Pork Rind crumb mix

Fry: 3-5 pieces at a time about one minute, or until (peek underneath) that side is golden brown.
   Flip and fry for several seconds as this side cooks faster.

Move: to paper towel to drain.

Dipping Sauce:
2T Mayonnaise
Optional: 1T Prepared Horseradish/Mayonnaise sauce (3 Carbs )
1/4 tsp chili powder 0.25 Carbs
1/2tsp paprika         0.5 Carbs
Mix and serve with bacon chips.
(If Horseradish Sauce is NOT used, add a dash of salt and extra chili powder to taste)

Total Carbs: 5.78
        (Without Horseradish Sauce: 2.78 Carbs)
Servings? That is up to you. I ate it all, and it was very, very (Did I say, "Very?") Filling!
With a salad, this would serve 2
As an appetizer, this would serve 4

tina jones

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