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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Thinking Outside of the Box" I Spit!

The surest sign that a person is unoriginal is the use of the cliche, "Thinking outside of the box."
The instant I hear it, I get information , information like the fact that they rely on cliches, want those cliches to make them appear innovative, don't know what the box is, and don't know what was in it in the first place.
  What was in it? A bunch of cliches.
   Get original. Use your mind. Don't be afraid. Try replacing a single word.
I'm begging!
  How about
   "Pondering outside of the box?"
   "Thinking outside of the cubicle?"
    "Pontificating the perimeter of the rhombus?"
    "Looking at the various stackabilities of box ideas?"
     "Turning the box inside out?"
     "Opening the gift?"
How about getting crazy with it? Be dangerous! Say something direct, meaningful and powerful that has the same meaning.
     "Be Original"
tina jones

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