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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Video: Autism and Me: There is Hope

 This is a video of me talking about some of my experiences with Autsim and Aspergers. It is just over 15 minutes in length.

My Personal Experience with Autism. I need to thank my son's father and step mother for the immense love and care they show both of my children, for giving my children a home when I could not, my daughter for seeing her brother as her brother, and my son for his strength, humor, love and unending patience with the rest of us. His first "word" was not "water" despite my efforts. It was a whole phrase, "Hot coffee," exactly what I said to him each time he reached for my cup. hehe. 
   There were scarey moments. There were sad ones. There were exhausted ones, and I would not have missed it for the world! I would have missed love. Neither my son, nor I are "cured." We have simply grown. I made lots of mistakes, and I grew. There is room for more growth for both of us, and there is much beauty to our lives! We received real assistance from Easter Seals, Social Services and the Department of Mental Health. All worked to get him into preschool early, provide respit care, and family teaching. I cannot give these organizations enough credit for making a tangible difference in all of our lives. I know many want to help, and don't know where to begin. Easter Seals accepts donations. Local to you small organizations like churches, YMCA's, arts organizations, Scouts and schools may benefit from your talents. As always all people can use more love, and ways to be useful. Consider hiring autistic people where possible. Look for and accentuate the abilities in all people with disabilities.
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Many other videos may be found at my youtube channel. A few others are about Autism. Most are about Art, and some are for pure fun.

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