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Thursday, December 13, 2012

12-12-12 Some END of the WORLD FUN! :)

   Did anyone else notice we didn't die?

   Maybe it's just me. We made it past the "end of the world" thing....again! (cough) It turns out the Mayans were wrong, or were they? What if they were not marking the end of time, but the end of an age? A time period of 26,000 years with each of the 12 zodiac signs (tribes, gates, apostles or any number of other 12 thingies like months and a load of stuff that came before the you know what of when....I really loathe history! sorry)  marking 2,000 years has ended. The last 2,000 was known as, "The Age of Pisces." What's next? I know, this sounds corny, "The Age of Aquarius."

    Will we find and move back to Atlantis? Doubtful, but fun idea! No. I don't think so. Besides, I can't swim worth a sh**! 

    What is supposed to be happening is that a 2,000 year cycle has ended. Pisceans, don't get all knotted up! You've had turns before and you will again. (Pisceans are sensitive.) Anyway, time got demarcated at some point long before every religion I know of into sections of 12, based on what could be seen in the sky. Star patterns got named (Present zodiac signs), and people in the northern hemisphere knew to plant crops in not, "the spring" but when the stars in the formation called, "Aries" was  falling directly behind the sun. Which of course is Spring.

   I'm just trying to find a good spot for this link. Pardon me...ok. You can read some more if you like. ;p

   For the past 2,000 years Pisces has been in that eastern night sky just before the sun rose..It's a'changing! Aquarius is moving into that spot. Another 2,000, and we go into the, "Age of Capricorn, " and so forth back through the signs, and "The wheels on the bus go round and round..." so the song says.
   Each new, "Age" portends a new way of life. Pisces has been near bottom of the, "Wheel of Life." It includes, "The Dark Ages," (Not just the time of a few hundred years we're familiar with, but the whole, "Kill you if you don't believe like I do, loss of humanity's awareness of anything sacred but the people burning your texts and making you whatever their beliefs are in that particular, "Age of Pisces." was harsh, but we made it! Hang tough. They didn't eat you! Woohoo?! Ok. we have a mess to clean up for sure, but we can do this! The Wheel is turning upward again. To Christians this might be the Christ's rising from his decent into Hell, and now is ascending to Heaven....(Hoping we're all on the same page now, Please?)
  Ok back to the Wheel, what comes around goes around. To those used to a Patriarchal society, it may surprise to hear this isn't about getting even, it's not about conquering anything or anyone either, in fact war has nothing to do with it..
  I can  hear it now, "Oh God! Hippie Freaks!" Umm..Thanks, but not that either, although it sounds like a great party! We don't have time for that right now.
   I'm talking about engaging our brains and hearts..."Balance." We are man and woman, Our weakness in relying on only half of that equation is showing sorely, and it's time to heal it. This is the marriage, the homecoming. In some terms, "On earth as it is in Heaven."

   Ready? This is the post apocalyptic, here, today, now, the jig is up!

What a jaunt! I've decided I want to go again. It was touch and go for a while, but it's been a fantastic ride! Who doesn't love the Dark Ages?! We had whips, chains, Inquisitions and Crusades and Bears, oh my!...

     But there's more! Yes! The Wheel, she's spun and heading silver...ok..I'll talk plain. They Mayan calendar along with some Egyptian stuff, and Vedic stuff indicating a certain time period just ended..It is now The Beginning of Time...not all time, but another time. (We do this daily too.) It's just another wake up. We're here. We made it through the night. No big deal.....unless you make it one.

    What will we make of it? That's up to each of us, and "Silver?" She's the moon, the air and spirit, the controller of waters. This is Aquarius of song and the sleep of Pisces and Patriarchy finally (yes, I was worn out too.) into balance of male and female called, "Matriarchy." This is not women controlling men. It's partnership, unity, the time of peace, and in the silver age to come, we are supposed to use our intelligence to reach high consciousness.

     Will we? Are there yet Teslas and new pyramids in our futures? Can we move through to a golden age of oneness where each went beyond the mind into serenity? "Will we?"...I don't know, but I'm still selfish enough to go ahead without you if need be into the blissful, if confusing wonderland of, "what a mess we've left to clean up!" The Wheel has crossed "rock bottom." We rise.

   Now that I've established I can go full on KPAX any time I want to, let's get real. A change is occurring  because we as humans have had enough of our own abuses and lies.

     This ain't about your, "Big Girl Panties." This is real, so bring your boots! We're going to effect this change, and we've already begun. We're doing it in practical ways by going outside and going out of our way to pick up a little trash now and then. We're taking time out to smile at someone else, hold a door for someone struggling, offering to help, doing things with no expectation, nor idea of anything return. Refusing to point fingers at anyone else and actively searching for ways to make this word and this life the beauty she is. We are the hope we long for, now aware of the Divinity that is our birthright, built in as much of DNA of time. We belong to each other, to the planet and the stars. We are indivisible, one, and now we are remembering.
      It's love thing. Enjoy the journey!

tina jones

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