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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Boredom: The Cure

Beating Boredom: Losing the unsexy of it all.

I'm sure you've read them, the posts that say, "I'm bored" followed by "Talk to me," "Do something sexual with me," or my personal favorite (not) "Join me (in my boredom) on Yahoo messenger! (because I maxed out my credit card talking to Ms. Strips Alot, and they won't let me on that site anymore, so I thought maybe you could do a cam jiggle for me there as this site doesn't let me see naked people when I Instant Message.)
 We have a problem....tempting as that may sound to the author, boredom does not move me, does not turn me on, and doesn't make me want to do strange things with anyone. Go figure. It may well be tickling the perverbial fancies of the masses, but I like to think they are more interesting than that. I could be wrong. Boredom may well be decadently sexy to someone out there.
  I'm not without empathy. Many, many years ago I too was bored. I had some very mean (meaning honest) friends who were willing to tell me the truth at the possible expense of hurting my feelings. (I'm still pretty sure they enjoyed the pain part.) They said, "The truth will set you free. It's apt to piss you off first, but it will set you free." Fine. I didn't like them very much anyway, despite their questionable fonts of occasional wisdom. I listened.
   They told me, "If you are bored, it's because you are boring." Yea, that helped. (sarcasm)
  Eventually, after I got over wanting to smack them it actually did help, and a plus I didn't realize at the time was that my annoyance at them was infact not, "boredom." I'd already been set free, but not pleasantly. I was ready to hear more.
  They went on to explain that my boredom lay in the fact that I did not find myself interesting. I had to admit that was true. I was always looking for someone or something to entertain me. When I could find nothing, I was bored out of my mind. They told me, "If you want to get un-bored, do something un-boring (interesting) to you."
  I did. I do, and I'm no longer bored, nor do I bore myself. My interests aren't important here, but I can toss out that I found books that were interesting, I threw myself into my art more, I began to write more, check up on people I cared about more (instead of asking what others could do for me/thought about me). I learned new things and became self entertaining....Before I knew it, other interesting people were talking to me about ideas that were interesting to me! For others it's golf, chess, current events, music listening/playing, learning a new instrument, singing, skating, doing the chicken dance..etc. etc..
   Whatever interests you is going to be interesting to someone (though not everyone) else. 
   I don't care if sex is your schtick/preferred hobby. Get into it! Read Master's and Johnson or the Kama Sutra. Look up silly sex jokes on the net. Try creative shaving for all I care!....Whatever works, works! Get interesting about it. Once you are interesting, bring that to your conversations, to your chatter, and someone out there will respond. Scarey sure, but true.
   Interest and boredom cannot coexist.


  1. Glad you found the cure for boredom. I have also, but find that to many people this makes me anti-social, because often it is them that bore me.

    When I am with myself and my interests I am not bored. Only when I have to pretend they are interesting, in their sameness and selfishness. In there willingnes to use other and even do harm to them for their self-interest. Then I am bored.

  2. Starrpoint,
    Loved your comment.
    When I get really moved it's when I come into contact with people like you who focus on adding to the lives of others. THAT excites me! smiles.