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Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Leonardo With Love

 I tire of being only wanted for my brains and glazing techniques. hehe! There is more to me than just your average perspective drawing maniac, more than a geometrical mind that can assemble and disassemble three dimentional objects on a two dimensional surface. Dare I say, there is more to me than someone who's life long desire is a single confrontation with Leonardo in paint? I fully intend to return in a future life at the same time as our Don DaVinci and wrestle the old codger to the ground. I say he needs his back dirtying!
  Seriously, I love the guy. I just get a little passionate about it sometimes. grins!
("Who Wants Breakfast?" a smiling Jesus...I may paint myself as a laughing Buddah next. hehe.)
  On the levels of atoms and subatomic particles, nothing is new on the planet. What was here, is now and always will be. Therefore there is nothing of Leonardo DaVinci or any other human that does not exist now. We, the artists of today are made of the same stuff. Even the water that flowed through his rivers and veins flow through mine and yours. Given that we are of the same substance, I see no reason we should aspire to the Old Masters. Rather take our places beside them and grow. Let them be our brothers, learn from them and begin.


  1. I was in church last night during praise and worship your painting came to mind. Thinking on the manner you depicted Jesus smiling. I thought how gentle,kind and welcoming his face is, as is His welcoming love. You captured that connection between the spiritual and the natural human being perfectly. Would be a lovely huge stain glass window.

  2. What a precious post. I am humbled and smiling. Thankyou, Anonymous!