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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Indulgences or Necessities? Coconut Oil?

This is strange, but why not?
The past few years I've really been into redoubling my efforts on self care. Any step in the direction of better health is a good to me. I was one to want perfection in everything I did overnight, but there were some problems with that. For me, it wasn't that I couldn't achieve perfection. My problem was that I had such an ego, that truly believed I knew what perfection was.
  Dropping that idea, was one of the first steps in better overall health. For me, doing the next good thing for myself and others, learning the next way to be gentle and putting that single idea into practice has helped me. I'm never sure what's good for anyone else. My only advice would be that if it's loving to you, chances are it's going to be loving to those around you. Taking care of myself makes me more able to be there for others. My main goals in life are to be a good Mom, a good friend, and if self  loving acts get me there, it's ok to let go of the idea that it's a selfish in a bad way. Indeed, I've come to believe responsibility begins with caring for the self as does love.
  I've not always felt love for myself, but it wasn't necessary to feel it. I've heard Love is about action, so I could begin with small actions, getting enough sleep, eating well, challenging myself to learn and do new things, and being gentle on myself with my progress. Being honest with myself never saying I didn't do well enough, or I wasn't smart enough or strong, rather that I tried, and I'll do better tomorrow.
  Love encourages. It turns out, when I act on love the feeling comes.
  Newest on my list of self care, has been hair care. Seriously. Follow me back to a time when I'd yank at my hair, burn it with blow dryers and curling iron, and you may see a lack of love. This is my body, in my care, not in my violence. Daily, ways that I've treated myself less than loving are revealed to me. I've done a good job at changing my diet, and getting better physical health, I rely on meditation, I make sure my day includes humor and I look for beauty in the world. I'm gentle with others, yet I'm hurting my hair? Well, there's always room for progress.
   About a week ago, I started doing something terribly decadent. I began daily hair oiling. Now the old part of me that still whispers, "You have more important things to do!" is still there, but I find nothing more important than love. (I do argue with myself. hehe) The genter I am with me, the gentler I am with others. To be kind to one and not the other is to me, two faced and very dishonest. So, in this next effort to balance my life, I'm putting oil on my head! giggles! I've made a few videos. I'm just learning this, so patience is appreciated. I wanted to title this, "OIL! Here I am petting myself!" haha! Yes, doing things that are good for ourselves is not always familiar territory. It feels wierd, selfish, and terribly decadent. It also takes a lot of bravery. Again, though if I don't, the price is high. I may not notice my suffering, but it trickles into the lives of everyone I know. I owe to others I love to be good to me.
  So it seems I'm learning about coconut oil. Isn't life strange? I wonder what I'll learn next. It's kind of exciting. Here are a few videos I've done containing what I've learned so far along with some results. This may be obvious to many of you, but the uses of this oil are new to me, and it's fun learning new things.

Light Oiling for Daily Use:

Heavy Oiling: Please enjoy the sexy Do Rag and Towel scenes! (Having a great laugh! Laughing is such a healing exercise! Enjoy!)


  1. Ha, I've just started using coconut oil internally, having seen its health benefits touted so many times. In particular, for alleviating the symptoms of Alzheimer's (my mother is slipping into the advanced stage). Guess I'll find out if it works inside the head as well as outside.

  2. Stephen, Yes. I've read this too. I've heard of a few ways to eat it, baking with it replacing other oils, by the teaspoon, on toast, frying with it, and one stirred it into coffee with a little cream and some sugar free chocolate flavored syrup. I'm hearing only good things. Good luck to you and your Mother! All the best.

  3. what coconut oil do you use Tina?