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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ongoing Understanding of Neurotypicals: A Cure

I'd like to know what causes Neurtypicalism.
    I don't want to cure all of it, just the parts that make them uncomfortable. You know, like competiveness to the point of self injury like in football, wearing high heels or incurring debt just to fit in, or the following of groups they don't agree with just to be part of a social group, thus being untrue to themselves causing ulcers and any number of neurosis. Then there's the talking when one has nothing to say that sometimes causes them distress in having to chit chat. This can put off dinner to appease neighbors in order to keep neighborhood peace with people they may not even like when family they love is waiting, thus causing hungry people if not disgruntled families.
     If we could cure the need to fit in, then it ought to follow, they'd have less trouble with others who were different. Neurotypicals who'd sing in the shower, get giddy and jump about like cheerleaders by sheer natural joy, would have less problem with hand flappers like me who are doing the same thing, if quieter.
    No, it's probably better to look to myself for the problem. I have a problem with acceptance, perhaps. I need to just accept them like they are, even if they don't make sense, even if their joys and sadness are expressed differently, comfort when I can, encourage when I can, and realize that everyone has their own ways, even neurotypicals. I also realize this won't be heard as the love it's intended in, because not all are capabable of stepping into another's frame of mind. Love them anyway.
    As far as what causes Neurotypicalism, as far as I can see, it must be fear of rejection. What we autistics can do to help is embrace them, and accept them exactly as they are. Some day, they may be able to do the same. Some already have. There is hope.
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  1. what about starting wars, creating cultures of greed so many die of starvation, and alienating everyone that doesn't belong to their "club", be it country club, KKK, church, or whatever...

  2. I can only keep loving, and hope that one day everyone will have the concepts of compassion, equality and understanding built in to their being. Thank You, Thomas Thomas and usethebrainsgodgiveyou. You are lights to me.