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Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Illustrations in "The Fool Part II: Orsath The Traveler" by Rudy Simone

I'm very excited to announce the publishing of a book by award winning author Rudy Simone. She has written and published numerous books on Asperger's, as well as working on a fiction trilogy. Read about the author in this link:
 I was commissioned to do some of the illustrations for the second in her trilogy "The Fool Part II: Orsath The Traveler," so for those of you who've ever wanted to see my work in hand, this is your opportunity, but there's so much more!
  I cannot possibly tell you what a joy and honor it was to work with Rudy.
  Along the way, I was given snippets of the story to build my images with, and taken into a world of wonder only Rudy Simone could create. Fraught with turns and words that form ethereal imagery, characters that speak to the soul, and a story of universal awakening, Rudy Simone's work entrances the reader.
  Following is a video preview Of "The Fool Part II: Orsath The Traveler":

  Copies of "The Fool Part II: Orsath The Traveler" are available at both on Kindle and in print!

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