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Saturday, March 24, 2012

No Bake Cookies Candy: Low Carb (With extra giggles!)

Hi All,
  Many who know me, know that for reasons unknown to even me, bacon makes me laugh. I'm not always sure about showing my recipes as I'm not much of a cook. I'm barely learning low carb cooking as I've only been doing it some eight years. Prior to that, nearly every recipe was made with some combination of Flour and Sugar. Of course those things won't do for those leading a Low Carb Lifestyle, so I've come up with a few simple, low carb and light-hearted tricks along the way. Silly as they may sound, I've discovered come up with a few pretty good recipes. This one hits my "I need something crunchy, salty, sweet spot!"
 No Bake Cookies Candy Low Carb:
Ingredients and directions written below.
 (Absolutely no bloopers were removed from this video. Laughing is good exercise! hehe)

No Bake Cookies Candy Low Carb

1/4th Cup Unsweetened Coconut
(Toast in toaster oven one minute or until lightly browned. Set aside)

1-3.5oz. Bag Plain Pork Rinds Crushed however you see fit to do so. (Note tip in video. Set Aside.

In a large mixing bowl Microwave Following three ingredients for 30-45 seconds on High, or until butter is nearly melted.
5Tablespoons Butter
2Tablespoons Natural Unsweetened Peanut Butter
1/4 Cup Sugar Free Maple Syrup

Mix melted ingredients with fork and add:
3Tablespoons + 1tsp Baking Cocoa (plain no sugar)
1tsp Truvia (You may substitute one packet of Splenda, however keep in mind that packets have fillers, that need to count as 1 carb each.)

Pour in Crushed Pork Rinds, and mix with fork, breaking up any larger pieces. This should take a minute or two. What begins very dry will become more moist.
Pour mixture onto a foil covered baking sheet, and use spatula or clean hands to form it into a rectangle. I made mine about 7x9. You could make it any size as long as it's squared off.
Sprinke top with toasted coconut, and pat down so the coconut sticks.
Freeze about 30 minutes.
Using a large knife, cut into 16 squares. Return to freezer to harden. These are ready in less than an hour total freezer time, and should be stored in the freezer.
Total carbs: : 12.6
16 pieces= 0.79 Net Carbs each
(Tip: For a super low carb version, omit coconut and peanut butter, and increase butter to 7Tbsp. This will yield 16 pieces= 0.41 Net Carbs each.

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