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Monday, April 9, 2012

Propaganda of Autism

I'd like you to imagine you live in a world of adults only. That's right, you somehow appeared as an adult, and you've never seen a child. There are only adults everywhere you look, and you are thinking about having a child, so you look for information, like words, photos, anything, but all you find is this portrayal of a screaming child having a fit in a grocery store.

That's right. That is your ONLY information about a normal child. It's true information. We've all seen kids go through this. We've been exhausted while other people offered dubiously helpful stares or inconsiderate advice, and a large number of us have been mildly to severely nuts over it at times. Raising children takes 110% of whatever you've got, and it's hard, rewarding, crazy, miraculous and everything in between.
  Imagine now, that this being your only information a company with, lets say blue shamrocks keeps putting out this sorry lack of information, negative with no positives, no hope of anything but this screaming, miserable kid, with desperate parents, mid breakdowns wanting help. This company then asks you for money to cure this acting out, and even prevent it. That's right, they want to do prenatal testing to keep these normal kids from being born. After all who wants the embarrassment and work right? The kids must be miserable if everyone is looking, right? So you and several others with big hearts send money for research, meanwhile desperate parents are still desperate, but hey! It might keep someone else from suffering the terrible two's! We must eradicate this! We HATE terrible twos, right? At that age they are so self absorbed, feelings always on the surface, and they don't know how to handle them, so if we get rid of whatever CAUSES terrible two's, the world will be a happier place, and the human race will be more pure. Uh oh....sound sorta...shhh (Nazi?) No, of course not, it's just that they don't have  "lives worth living." It's a matter of human dignity, Right?
  Ok, so that's a farce. Silly, I mean it's just a child going through a phase. Some kids move through it pretty quick, and others take longer. Take Autistic kids for instance. This stage can last quite a while, and it's hard on parents and the kids. Most people forget the kids are having a rough time, and it's not candy they cry over. More often it's too much noise or the flickering lights in grocery stores, but they do scream, maybe more often than the next "normal" kid, maybe not. That depends on the individual. I screamed, banged my head, chewed my tongue; still have a gnaw at it when I've a mind to.
   Yes, of course I have my positives, but considering the video you saw is likely the ONLY kind most people have seen on Autism, surely I should be euthanized. I must be miserable, right? Guess again.
   The only time I really get bent out of shape is when I realize that most people are uninformed or getting their information from people who push the lie that Autistic people are either screaming in the floor or acting like Rainman quoting dates or phonebooks or whatever. It's not your fault, and that is why people like me write, to hopefully give some kind of indication about the realities of Autism. It's tough, it's stressful, it's rewarding, it's beautiful, amazing....EVERYTHING your life is.
   People who only get screaming child information, then have a child who is Autistic, have No information that would lead to any reason for hope of things ever getting better. There have been more homicides of Autistic children often followed by suicides of their parents in the last few years than I can count, largely due to the lack of realistic hope. Yes, I said, "Realistic Hope." Who's is responsible for this misinformation? Think about it...Who stands to gain from it?
   Keep the children. Get rid of the terrorism tactics. From a woman with Asperger's who is the Mom of a severely autistic son, who saw him grow up, and become the beautiful human being he has always been, even when people in grocery stores doubted.  FOR: All of the Mom's and Dad's out there too busy loving their children, Autistic or not, to put up with any more bull.
tina jones 
"Don't Throw the Baby Out With the Propaganda" 11x14" Oil on Canvas

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