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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Early today, I drove on a highway that was being repaired. Though both lanes were freshly asphalted, one of the two lanes going in my direction was blocked off by orange cones. Resisting the obvious temptation to treat this as an opportunity to practice well fantasized obstacle course training, I decided to watch and drive carefully.
 Traffic was, of necessity, slower, and I took in a bit of scenery. I'm told I see more detail than others, and I don't know if that's true, but a certain statement of the obvious variety bothered me. It was a roadside sign that read, "There are no side lines."
  I had to read it three times to make sure that's what it said. I'd have thought a person could tell by looking at the freshly laid asphalt that there were no sidelines. No, apparently there are people who don't notice that, so they need a sign that says so.
   I don't realize how fortunate I am sometimes. I can just look for sidelines, willy-nilly, and upon not seeing any, deduce that in all likelihood, none are there. Imagine those who can't, and what stress they must have been subject to, before that sign was put in place.
   I feel so selfish now, never having considered that others wouldn't know there weren't side lines unless it was written in words. They say I see in pictures. That must explain my super ability to notice the presence or lack of side lines. It would also explain why the words threw me off. It's my understanding others think in words. They might not have a mental image of "side lines" floating around in their heads to even know they should be on the road. I'm so glad that sign was there. They might have driven up the hill into the woods or something equally embarassing.
   Not me. When I don't see a side line, I know I don't see one. I watch for gravel or grass or whatever coasts the asphalt. Maybe they need to put that on the sign! What if there are people who don't know that in the absence of side lines they need to be watching for an edge of weeds, grass, sand, etc.? What if this is some kind of discrimination against them? This is wrong, I tell you! Damn wrong! These people need their signs!

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