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Friday, September 23, 2011

Why I think Jesus had Asperger's (Humor)

As a child, he was brighter than most adults, went to a church once and taught them. (patient with others and no sense of any age/authority connection)

He was smart enough to know it takes water in order to make wine. (precocious)

He did things like treading water, just to mess with people. (Fantastically obtuse sense of humor)

He left a regular job to spend his life walking around. (didn't fit within social norms/expectations)

Went to church again to whip a few people who weren't behaving by the rules. (Loved rules/No sense of Social Hierarchies)

He made up his own rules sometimes. ( black and white thinking)

He suffered bullies in life, yet didn't let anyone bully others. (times of immense selflessness)

He was very choosy about close friendships, and those he let hang out with him were some of the coolest weird people around. (Just flat out interesting with an interest in very interesting people)

 He took time to decompress alone, for some of us it's a few hours or a few days. He took 40 days. (committed to what was good for him)

  He spent his vacation, not at Disney or some other loud place with a bunch of people, but in the dessert. He didn't even go to Vegas. (got his strength and  renewal from time alone)

  He brilliantly boiled down several rules to no brainers, like love people and love God. Ok so it wasn't Einstein, but credit where credit is due. ( smart kid)

   He kept talking about the same stuff his whole life. (preservation)

His special interest was bringing dead people back to life. (We've all got our quirks.)

  He wore comfort clothing, and wasn't into pretense. (sensitive to textures, maybe?)

  He didn't particularly care what other people thought. (obsessed with his own interests to the exclusion of other things)

  He was not a crowd follower. (Individuality, lack of herd mentality)

When some lady even touched the hem of his garment, by golly, he knew it. (tactile sensitivity)

He believed we were all equal. (No sense of social hierarchy)

   Many of these could be applied to Budda, Lao Tsu, Mohammad, Moses, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, and some of our current spiritual gurus, like Niel Donald Walsche, Dr. Wayne Dyer or Deepok Chopra, our poets and often to our grandmothers, grandfathers and our children...every now and then even us.
   Many people work a lifetime toward equality, and many struggle a lifetime to embrace that we are all One.
    Some day, I hope all will see themselves in the eyes of others, that no one is below or above anyone. That some were born with simple ideas like unity of all, and some were born with greatness, and that it is the everyday person among us who, in their actions of love and tolerance, is creating a better world in everything they do.

tina jones

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