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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Asperger's and Cultures 3 Part Video Series

I've heard others with Asperger's mention that we may have our own culture. Many of us find we don't quite fit into the one we were born in. Some things match, and some things don't.
  What I'm finding is that some things about me match other cultures, though I'd never entirely feel I fit in anywhere but with others who are either Autistic or those who have interests common to me. It's not a problem for me, rather I look for common ground with anyone I meet, and build on that to form relationships. For instance, I'm not social at all, but if a potential friend is technical-minded, we can communicate on a technical level with some degree of comfort and understanding. I find I can speak to almost any artist on an artistic level. I can understand most spiritually-minded people on the level of good will, and I can understand most any culture on the level of being mutually helpful in an exchange of information. The list goes on. Though I may have little or nothing in common with some cultures, I can usually find some commonality to build on.
   With others with Asperger's or Autism, however the range of things I can understand, connect on and build on is much wider.
    With a sense of humor about myself and others, I've created three videos covering what to me are some cultural misunderstandings, between those of us with Asperger's or Autism and those of us who don't have it. I simply find it interesting that other cultures have the same issues at times.
   In three shorter segments, here are:

"Asperger's and Culture Part 1: Your Hands, My Hair: Knowing the Difference"

"Asperger's and Culture Part 2: Eye Contact: I Don't Know You That Well"

"Asperger's and Culture Part 3: Personal Space: I Love You...From a Distance"

 I hope you get a smile, a giggle or two, and perhaps a few things to think about. Thanks.

tina jones


  1. G'day , seen your video on the tube , MY best way to look at people ; i look and focus on the eyebrows .

  2. Great tip! Thank you. smiles.