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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cruelty-Free Autism

You know how people use the term, "Cruelty-Free," to mean that nothing was tested on animals? It's always a sign of a gentle, healthy approach, and appeals to a lot of people, harming no one.
  Well, what if we had Cruelty-Free Autism, where nothing was tested on Autistic people?
   Cruelty-Free Autism would mean no chemicals tested on them to see what happens, and no side effects from them. There were be no aversive treatments like electrical shocks, hitting, forced inhalations of ammonia, pinching or anything that inflicts pain. There would be no caged children. There would be no child shamed for being who they are. Not a demeaning word would be said that would undermine the confidence of any child.
   What kinds of treatment might Cruelty-Free Autism entail? Rather than thinking of the word, "Treatment" as a place that uses methods to "cure" or  cause desired effects, what if we simply thought about the root word? How do we "Treat" people?
   "People." I didn't say, "Autistic people." How do we "Treat" people? 
    The answer is, "We treat people like we want to be treated." If you  want physical pain, get help. Most, however will want compassion, patience, understanding, and beyond. Most people want to be encouraged in things they are good at, some help in things they struggle with, and even a little praise now and then. Most want to be able to have dreams, help in setting goals to achieve them and someone to stand behind us along the way. Most people want to feel needed and useful. Most want to share their talents to help others...
   Most people want to love and be loved.
    In the interest of promoting Cruelty-Free Autism, I'd like to make a new beginning, and start promoting sites, blogs, people, writers, and even small organizations that support the hopes of Autistic people, be they children or adults, on the Autism Spectrum or not.
    We have plenty of information about Cruel Treatment, but what I focus on grows. Therefore, I'd like to point the way to some people I feel are making a beautiful difference in the lives of Autistic people, and who practice what I call, "Cruelty-Free Autism."
   The Autism Self Advocacy Network:
   Connor's Gift:
   Rock The Autism:

    There are others, and unfortunately they don't get enough coverage and support. It's easier to spot the negative ones, so I'm calling for us to make some joyful noise about the positive ones!
   If you know of other groups or people who are lovingly adding to the lives of Autistic People, and celebrating what Autistic People have to offer in a Cruelty Free Autism environment, please feel free to add them, even if they are your own.  Also feel free to share this blog by sharing the link or clicking any of the sharing options below. In hopes of spreading hope for "Cruelty Free Autism."
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