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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


If you get out of bed one more day, 

   if you try the first time or one more time,

 if you fail and discover one more way not to do it, 

   if your palms sweat and your heart races every time, yet you begin again,

if you fall apart on a regular basis and tremulously crawl to wash your face,

   if you've been defeated a hundred times and given up just as many,

if you have despaired of ever knowing peace,

   if you've found the flow or the right direction only in accidental moments,

if in your pain you've found solace somehow in helping another, and in the midst of watching the world you knew disintegrate, saw a bit of heaven in the eyes of those less fortunate,

   if somehow all was right with the world even when all evidence said you were wrong,  it was wrong, they were wrong,

if unreasonable hope ever bade you, "Breathe, and try again," 

   if while not believing in yourself, you believed in another, and
 if while helping right in the middle of your own helplessness you've found that you took even a single aim toward a single step without realizing,

   You are a hero to me.

 tina jones

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