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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

She Got Legs!

Ever feel so censored by life, people and circumstances that you want to..Oh I don't know...wear a banana on your head in protest? Who needs shame? For Pete's (Why Pete?) Sake! Being a human being is not a crime. I have both been censored and censored myself to the point that anything but being a speck of immaculate dust was unacceptable  I quit that stuff years ago. Still from time to time someone will suggest that I return to my self imposed not good-enough-ness and stow myself in a shed. Umm. Thanks, but no.

So here's the deal
(Note: I'm emphatically opposed to beginning sentences with , "So." For the purposes of silliness, however I will start a sentence any with damn thing I please.) Annoying Smiley --->       :)

So (See?)
Here's the deal.

If you'd like background music: Here's some ZZ Top      Got it? O.K. Let's move on..

Apparently, legs upset some people,

Or maybe they just stir things up. (Don't use them for cake batter, unless that's your thing.)

I've never heard of Legs " That Launched a Thousand Ships"

and I've never heard any restaurant ask,
 "Do you want Legs with that?"

It's not like they are magic.

But, to my disbelief, Legs tend to worry some people to death!
I don't what they're worried about. Most people have legs.

but I've seen sweats break over them. I mean perspiration, of course. I don't know if sweat pants are capable of breaking.
In the interest of Exposure Therapy

and calming the hell down...Ohmmmm

I thought I'd stick the "Sticks" in a blog

and take a look at the practical uses for legs.

They keep the butt from bumping the floor when walking.

If enough hair is grown on them, music can be made by rubbing the "Jams" together, sort of. You've got to have a good ear. Otherwise, I recommend leg shaving.Gillette MACH3 Disposable Razor - 14 ct. - Shaving & Hair Removal (Google Affiliate Ad)

They provide something to attach your feet to.

The "Birds" are great help with dancing, but not necessary for it.

 They help when engaging in broad-jumps. I was top in my class at age ten!
Basically, what I'm saying is,
 "Don't fear nor judge the Legs." They're not out to hurt you. Legs are very busy people, what with all of the stubble-growing and stuff, and they are probably not thinking about how to make your life difficult.

They don't  talk much, but some people seem to think they say alot. In truth, often
Legs are good listeners. You know, "The Strong, Silent Type."

Thank you, for taking time to listen to the Legs.
(and for those who didn't read a word of this. Bless your heart. ;p )

tina jones

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