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Monday, October 22, 2012

Wild Artist!

I says to my canvas, "Canvas!" I says, and 

   My canvas says, "What's up Painter Lady?!

I says, "What say we shake the dust off 'n paint something silly that we'll paint over later, and just do a bunch wild, weird stuff, 'cause nobody's lookin' 'n we don't care anyway?!"

   My canvas says, "I don't see brushes in your hand, Wimp!" so's

I says, "Brace yourself," 'n I started in a crazed fury of turpentine, and a splash of git outta my way!"

   Then I painted.....

                                                             a pear.

Yes, a pear!
Nothing special,
No, wild and weird...
 just a pear.

When I cut loose and get crazy....Look out!
 Fruit can happen!
Hide your elderly and small children!
Coop your chickens,
 and always wear clean socks....or something.

"Anti-Climactic Pear"
12x12" Oil on Canvas
But there's more!
You see, I had a problem with figuring out a good composition. It's a square, and I usually paint on rectangles
minding The Golden Mean.  If you'd like to see how I figured this one out, check out my post at About. com's Painting Forum Here:

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  1. Haha! Cool :) I love the title, Anti-Climactic Pear.