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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Gamble: Notes on Human Observational Ability

"Roll of the Dice"
Oil on Canvas
  A few weeks ago, I ventured into the world of shopping, again. I waited for a car to pass, then I crossed on foot from Walmart toward the other side of the main drag in front of the store. While in the road, the car now over an aisle ahead, put on it's breaks and accellerated toward me backwards, I ran into the aisle, and the car swerved toward me faster. I ran into an empty parking space out of traffic. Then the car stopped and came slowly toward me..
   Apparently the fellow accidentally passed the convenient parking space, backed up and into the aisle, and never saw me, until he was driving toward me into the parking space.
  I was hit twice by cars while walking as a child. Once it was just a bump, another time it was a lot of bruises, but nothing broken.
  The good news is I got some exercise, still have some hustle in me, and none of my 1 1/2 dozen eggs were cracked.
   Remember that movie where people had cheated death, and it just kept comming after them? I'll report back soon..At least that's the plan. sheesh

tina jones

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