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Friday, March 11, 2011

Salt the Soup

If I sense a need for salt in a pot of soup, I put salt in it.
That may sound simple enough, and it is, unless we want get involved in overthinking it.
I don't get mad a various vegetables, meats or seasonings for not giving enough salt.
I don't decide that these components of soup are mean or greedy or that they just don't care.
I don't judge them at all, infact.
I don't point fingers at them and sit in a corner pouting or preaching at their lack of contribution.
I don't waste my time blaming them, after all, I just want to eat the soup.
I put salt in the soup.

I do the same thing when I sense a need in the world.
I put it in.
Take care the use of the word, "but," lest we make asses of ourselves.
Blame never got the job done.
Salt the soup.
tina jones