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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Wisdom of Children

   Children, suffer those who say, "Yes, I knew it all at that age too." Chances are, they never grew out of it.  We adults and elders who would teach you what we have forgotten, and what you and all of us were born knowing, are still learning and relearning. Be patient with us, because we fear you'll make our mistakes and feel our pain. We once knew too of simple things that mattered just like you. We once knew love, forgiveness, trust and the practice of joy.

   We lived, and in our striving for things that never mattered, we forgot.   What we recognize as wise, we look for in elders and don't alway see it in children. We admire the aged sage who knows of sharing, care, forgiveness, love, laughter, and play. Those who've learned to smile back at daiseys and dance to sunsets that you embrace so easily are our wise ones. Forgive us our blindness if we don't see it you. In this way you'll teach us to forgive. So if you can, be patient with us when we try to teach, so you might teach us that what mattered all along was Love.
  Thankyou for letting me be the student, even when I don't see you doing it.
tina jones

"September's Embers"
Oil on Canvas
A Photo Montage of this painting's progress may be seen here:

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