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Monday, January 10, 2011

Making Love, Paintings and Babies

"How long did it take you to paint that?"                                                  

"The Quickie"
Mixed Media on Canvas
Tme taken: 1 hour spanning two sessions,
BUT it was sooo good that afterwards,
it was a toss up between having a smoke
and calling the paramedics! hehe

 Making a painting is like making a baby.
 Sometimes  it takes three minutes, and other times weeks, months or years.
In the end, it's still a baby, and a painting.

  •                Sometimes it feels good. Sometimes it doesn't.
  •                Sometimes it's heavenly and other times it's hell.
  •                Sometimes it's exciting and other times dull.
  •                Sometimes it's memorable and other times not.
  •                Sometimes you laugh sometimes you get laughed at.
  •                Sometimes it's emotional, other times all physical.
  •                Sometimes you get so involved in it you forget dinner.
  •                Sometimes you feel it, other times you'd rather read a book.
  •                Sometimes you get messy, and other times it's grossly tidy.
  •                Sometimes the right words inspire, other times just hush.
  •                Sometimes you have to time it, and other times it just happens.
  •                Sometimes it's easy, and other times it's hard work.
  •                Sometimes it's ecstasy, other times one fantasizes of other pursuits.
  •                Sometimes it's planned, other times, "oops!"

It's still a baby, and THIS........ is a painting.
The enjoyment (or not) of the process or time taken does not raise or lower the value of the end result. If the time question persists, ask how long it took them to make their baby. grins!

tina jones


  1. ha ha I love this! It's so cool and it's bang on.

  2. Darn...I'm not anonymous....I just don,t know how to work this darn thing!!!! Its me, Jay!!!!

  3. Hehe! Jay, Thankyou!
    I believe folks have to have a Google account or a blog here to leave a note with their name attached.