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Saturday, January 8, 2011


    It's all be done before, right? No, not like you can.

    But "So-and-So" can do it so much better. No, "So-and-So" would utterly fail at doing your work, and here's why.

     I've seen the inner workings of clocks, and watched how cogs click and roll against each other. If you remove one or push it to go in the direction of the next one, the whole mechanism ceases to work. Each part must do it's "thing" in order for the watch to work.

There is only one you.

   I don't hold that we are unique in a lonely or misunderstood way. Rather, there are amazing things about you. No one has the view that you do. No one experiences life exactly like you. No one sees color or feels sunsets quite like you. We bring to each new event a lifetime of different experiences, understandings and feelings. No one has had precisely your experiences, understandings or responses.

  This makes it all the more important that you do your work, be it painting, writing, singing, making music, cooking, dancing or reading a story to a child. No one else can do it, not like you, and your voice is here for a reason.

   You have purpose simply because you exist, and it is your birthright and duty to create. Without your creative voice, the world would be missing something very precious and very essential.
We would be missing you.

tina jones


  1. Inspirational and wise words Tina. You're really flying at the moment.

  2. smiles. I'm sailing along. Thankyou, Derek.