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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nostalgia on Youth

"New Chewf"
Oil on Canvas
I was a bright, talented child with expempliary manners,
but it was only because I didn't know any better.
tina jones


  1. Tina: I am assuming you did this. Really, really a great rendering of such a sweet little girl. It is you, really?

  2. Lokelani, All artwork and writing here are my originals. It's me. It was done several years ago. All I know of this painting's whereabouts is that it is owned by someone who was in the Ky. State Senate. About six years ago this piece was donated to raise funds in a silent auction for the Kentucky department of Mental Health/Mental Retardation. I was told by the organizer that the painting was broght to the senate and that it was won in the auction by someone in the senate. Karen Hascal organized the auction. I thought I might revamp my website soon, so it would be a good idea to post some of the old stuff here. There are many pages of them here. This painting is I believe in the third portrait gallery.
    Thankyou for the compliment. smiles.