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Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's Your Stand? (Humor)

"Beryl Tribute Self Portrait"
8x10 Oil on Canvas
 It seems like everyone is taking a stand.
  They're for this or against that.
 I listen, and I watch the energy move.
   I don't know what's good or not for others,
 but I'm more still than many....
   I'm not much against anything, except licorice.
 I just never could get into it.
   I suppose that's a good enough thing to be against.
 I'm not really for anything, unless a person could count love.
   Yeah, that's what I'm for.
I'm for Love...well. Love and Bacon, but that's really the same thing.

tina jones.


  1. THE BERYL THING!!! oh I still got fond memories of mum had mine next to her bed untill the day she died.
    loving your legs on this one!!!though the dress IS a tat short maybeez??LOLOL Patina xxx

  2. hehe. The skirt: Fabric is expensive, and it's hard to get 86.36 centimeters of legs on an 8x10 canvas. LOL!!!
    It's so wonderful that your mom had your painting at her bedside. For those who'd like to see.
    Here's Patina's work. It's amazing!

  3. I've always enjoyed that self portrait...i enjoy the simplicity of it....and the short skirt...haha
    I also visit the site...took some work as the link has too much included....
    But i will say i was very have an incredible talent as well...i really enjoyed it and even bookmarked it.....
    Now we just need to find a pork product to get you addicted to.... lol

  4. Jim, Last she told, she was making Haagis and didn't invite me to dinner! grins.

  5. hahaha.....i still have yet to experience some myself....i also want to try the Korean delicacy Kimchi (sp?)....very outside of box normal way of making it...but they love it...and every soldier i knew in the Army who was stationed there....always complimented it....but did warn me to stay away from their version of the "spicy" one ;)

  6. Jim, I had a family member who lived in Germany for a while. They said it was made in part by canning then burying the delicacy in the ground for a time. Apparently, it a very spicey condiment.