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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


"Nude 10"
11x14 Acrylic on Canvas


“Hot” he says so innocently without notion.                            
Careful where you stand. Guard the seething cauldron.
Flames lick, and stretch, caressing in soothing stings
“Feels good” he says warming by embers that softly sing
With ferocity temporarily tame kinetic tombs.
“I love you” he says. Don’t let it consume
Unless you want it, Lest your tempted to open the gate,

Be forwarned. You tread the territory of fate.

Then there’s no return to cavernous space.
 Watch your heart and guard your face,
Yet I can tell you, it will not harm in it’s throes                     
It protects, feeds on its own and grows,
And you are the flames as much as I.
Dive if you’re brave. I rise dripping, meet heart to eye.
Flames lick wet whips in unquenchable screams.
Tongues in heat froth erotic creams.
Breath burns on skin, sweet acidic warm
Touches dissolve towers built from harm.
And walls fall like so much silk
In a gentle kiss, one another’s milk
Be us both lost or found by the liquid sun in me
Who only asks for all, whose All is all of me.
All of me, and all of you melted, to one that began two.

Unchain, reveal me. I beg, unleash me to you.
I am more than a storm of raining fire
I am more than me, reborn of simple desire.
A third is made, an Us created that is more powerful
Than any singular beginning or awakening hour, full
And mercilessly loving. The monster gloriously untethered
 Viciously entangled and ferociously surrendered.
I don’t know that I can survive this, and I cannot find a spark of care.
Stay with me close, Let me become this. Come with me trembling there.
Let me be more than what you see
And only who I am when I am free.
Sweet insanity, this longing without mistake,
No cold threatens, no isolation and no ache.
Arms hurt for now to hold. Sweet kindness cools and soothes
Through bitter nails and hungry bites with will-weakening  moves.
Sweet hunger starved for satiation,
Primal mind, writhing contemplation
Of single kisses and madly thrashing waves
Of willing partners, each others drenched slaves
It wakes, and cries, walls torn apart,
Dare you look, the cost... is but your heart,

For this passion no eyes yet see,

The win is love, and the prize is me.
Still I understand eyes that in fear cannot bear, .
I’ve seen the hidden places that souls cannot share,

I know fear, and I have compassion

For existence long since in silenced passion.
 I know the heat within, and I know the door.
I know how to close it, and I know that I want more.
The sadness of it is, I know how much I have to share
and crux remains, How much can you bear
Of love?
Tina Jones


  1. Goodness....i do miss that mind *smile*....enlightening(and then some haha) as always my Dear...
    Lots going on here....So...
    Once i get my blog updated....(I've neglected it so...)..i shall return to your cozy room here and catch up and look very forward to talking with you again *big smile*.....*takes the bacon and runs* ;)

  2. Thanks, Jim. I hope some of these writings will encourage others to talk to those they care about. Looking forward to reading more of your work.