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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Painting and Drawing: Seeing For Fun.

Drawing is a fairly simple act of holding an instrument that makes a mark like a pencil an applying that mark to a surface like paper. Showing people how to see is the most important aspect I think. Once a person can see, recreating the marks becomes a straightforward process.
   Our minds have set ides about what different objects like "car," "dog," "cat," bowl" or "Person" looks like. We will impose these ideas onto what we see, then images become distorted, often until what is right in front of us no longer looks like what it is, but more like our ideas. In the following image, I've hopefully removed any concrete idea of what the object is. I've taken one of my works in progress and cropped, rearranged and pasted it digitally in order to present only small jumbled parts.
   The object of this is not to figure out what the painting was, rather to look at the random shapes and see what images you can find. After the first image, I'll post a list of five images to get you started. Seeing them isolated will help you find them in the larger picture. There are many other possible images here. See how many you can find. There are no limits and no correct, or wrong answers. The exercise is to help develope seeing as an important tool in drawing. Have fun!

                      Door Handle  

                       Marilyn Monroe

Man with Mustache and Sail Boat

      Man with Glasses and Scarf

                                   Sad Eye

In a few days, I'll post another exercise containing the original painting without rearranging.
tina jones.


  1. Very interesting post Tina. I love looking at things like this too. I remember that even as a kid, I would imagine what shapes on the floor tile were. I would assign things to them and then create stories too!

  2. Priya,
    "Stories" I love that. I look for shapes in carpet textures and wood grain. Great post, and thankyou!