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Sunday, February 13, 2011

"In Love We Live"

I am small, and I know little, but I grow, and I learn. Love has been the most illusive word avoiding definition, and dancing around pidgeon holing. It doesn't seem to like fitting in boxes, and regards placement as an amusing thing to play with. It seems to move of it's own having it's own life and intelligence. Intelligence that giggles at reason no less.
  Still, for today, here is my best description of the playful child.
Love: an inpersonal sense of good will, meaning I want the best for you regardless of what gain or loss that might mean to me. With the word "love," I'm reassuring others freedom to be themselves/pursue their happiness with my support. You cannot earn it, nor can you make my love go away. It simply is.
  Loving you is my gift to me and my joy for who you are. I'm left in awe by you, your dreams, your strengths and your loves. When I watch you fly, I am transformed. Part of me awakens to life, and my heart remembers it's wings. How could I do anything, but love you?
tina jones
"In Love We Live"
Oil on Canvas


  1. Tina,
    As always, your work inspires me. I read what you say, loook at your art, try to see the colors, feel the emotions. This one, we do live. Without love so many people become statues, they do not cherish what they have now, nor what they had. In love we see the true beauty of the little things, a lady bug, a bee working hard on her flowers to gather nectar, the smile of a child whom loves you and the smile and feelings of love you share with the one that holds your heart, mind, body and soul. I this this work overflows with the love you share. I must share this with Scott. He will find the piece wonderful as well, I believe.
    Have a wonderful day as always.

  2. Heather, What a treat! I have missed reading your thoughts. smiles. Your words are so touching and full of love! My best to you and those who are so blessed to be loved by you.