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Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Perhaps They Never Will"

I've just finished the last portrait in this blog of my son. The title refers to Autism which he was diagnosed with at age 2. He's 21 now. I have many of his traits, and in hopes of conveying to him how much I understand, I paint.
  I thought it might be of interest to show the progression of my painting and style through the years, so I'm posting different works I've done of him.
  What next? smiles. Anywhere the brush leads me.
Best to all,
tina jones

"Artist's Son" 1997
Oil on Canvas

"Baby Bear" 1999
Oil on Canvas

"Artist's Son" 2004
Oil on Canvas

"Perhaps They Never Will" 2011
(For my beautiful son)
Acrylic on Canvas

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